Brain Dead Society Ripe For Destruction

The original post I had planned never went up.  This is a second stab at it.  The subject is just too frustrating to delve too deeply into.  However, I will post two videos that show just how moronic people are becoming… this one and this one.  In one video, some moron decides it’s better to film his impending death than avert it by waking the bus driver.  The other depicts fools standing around and allowing themselves to be pelted by bricks rather than moving off and allowing the deranged man time to cool off.  No, better to just shoot him than try and capture him.  It’s easier and less effort, I suppose, for a society that is inherently lazy and dull-witted.

I did have a video of two thieves being burned alive for stealing some potatoes… I mean, just how fucking looney-tunes bat-shit stupid is that?  Then I decided that I wouldn’t post it, probably to the chagrin of bloodthirsty voyeurs whom exemplify the brain dead society that we are.  No, there is no point in displaying the utter stupidity and depravity of 21st. Century man any more than is necessary.

This is what the evolutionist cannot explain away.  They maintain that society is evolving for the better!  Of course, this is utter crap and sin is destroying what was once a proud and dignified race created in the image of their maker.  Only a moron supreme would advocate so idiotic a theory as evolution.

Unfortunately, we shall always have to deal with this lunacy, right up till the Lord returns.  Here’s one last example of why society is doomed…

Had enough… good night.

*Post script to this – on another forum, some complete dumbass asked why I thought an animal’s life was worth less than a human… can you just hear the Looney Tunes theme running in the background?  What kind of moron would actually ask such a question?  This is how stupid society has become, believing all of this humanist bullshit!

Indeed… God help us all!


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