On Fanaticism…

Well, we’ve all heard the latest revelations about the anti-flag (Confederate flag) movement and how there are fanatical individuals climbing private flag poles to rip them down.  We’ve heard, too, about the nutty leftists that are seeking the death penalty for a trophy hunter from Minnesota for shooting a lion in season and legally… their craziness stemming from the hype generated by nut-bar TV hosts like Jimmy Kimmel.

Fanaticism is a disorder that takes one from the normal attitudes and views of a healthy and well-adjusted member of society, transforming same into a loony, frothing-at-the-mouth, rabid kook that can only perceive extremes.  Take the example with Cecil the lion.  The morons calling for the death of the hunter, only a few weeks before, had never even heard of this beast.  Now they are railing like fools and jumping on the politically correct bandwagon, because it happens to be the fashionable thing to do at this time.

There is something inherently wrong with anyone that places an animal’s life over that of a human.  Unfortunately, the trend seems to heading toward the type of society that dwells on extremes.  People are generally ignorant about most things pertaining to morality, having been hoodwinked by atheist scumbag ‘scientists’ preaching the heresy that man is not a created being.  Of course, when you remove all sense of right and wrong from the equation, all that you have left is mindless apathy.

Nevertheless, some individuals will pick some dumb beast and use it for leverage in their agenda of promoting Godless liberalism.  They ACT all incensed ( a true liberal cares only for him/herself) when an animal is abused and turn a blind eye to the suffering of their fellow humans, so deep has the rot got into their sordid minds.

Fanaticism can take many forms, but, it is still fanaticism.  Those inflicted with this disorder may have to be locked up for their own (and our) safety, the time is coming!


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