Asshole Talk Show Host Disses Lion Killer… (for ratings, nothing more!)

This piece of human excrement is jumping on the hate bandwagon so he can boost his TV ratings…

That’s right, Kimmel, keep shooting off your big fat pie hole and revealing the avaricious, self-absorbed brain behind it!  This opportunistic asshole couldn’t care less about ol’ Cecil the lion, he just knows a gold mine when he sees one.  Now he’s all righteous and indignant and his ignorant, brain-dead followers are all in a snit because a hunt went wrong and they had to trail up a wounded animal… happens every fucking day of every year, but, this lion happened to have a following.  Maybe they should have just let him go and suffer for years with that arrow in him?  Too bad the Zimbabwe government had already authorized the hunt… how about that, Kimmel?  Did you make that fact plain in your diatribe against Palmer, you egotistical power freak?

People just adore these talk show fools, even though every last one of them are opportunistic corporate whoremongers.  That makes the majority of  entertainment consumers, morons, in my book.  Dealing with just a few of these wackos online on YouTube, last night, reinforced my belief that some people ought to be sterilized before they pollute the gene pool.

Kimmel is treading a fine line, though, should one of his whacko groupies take it upon him/herself to do harm to Palmer or his family.  Believe me, there are more than just a few of these sociopathic socialist retards out there that upon having had their minds emptied by Illuminati-employed evolutionary scientists, trained to believe that they are only animals… African Apes, according to another socialist opportunistic egomaniac, Richard Dawkins… are more than ready to do their satanic masters’ bidding.  The modern ultra-liberal “progressive” left are full of psychotic basket cases that deem animal life superior to human.

My wish is that you, Dear Reader, boycott this punk asshole’s show and relegate the smug prick to some dark and dank corner of obscurity where he belongs.  In other words, don’t watch the dumb fuck’s show – drive him out of show business and back onto some used car lot where he belongs, swindling old ladies and ogling the office secretaries with the vain hope that they’d be impressed with someone with a one and a half-inch dick.


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