Don’t get me wrong!  I’m a firm believer in intelligent design… but hear the wisdom in this infidel’s speech!!  Humanity is naturally flawed and all that faith is trying to tell us is that this is only a temporary thing… but that there are very real repercussions for not learning how to save ourselves from non-existence.  That’s right… SAVE OURSELVES!  No, not heresy… FACT.  God can lead you to understanding, but, it’s YOU that chooses truth or fiction.

Over the years, I think that I’ve more than provided evidence for the fact this world is based upon fiction told to us by our so-called ‘leaders’.  Nevertheless, those that call themselves followers of truth are just as guilty in their consistency to fall back upon human nature… because there is no indwelling Spirit.  There is the rub!  No Spirit… no salvation!

Inevitably, without God’s indwelling force, this is the result…


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