“Zinnia” Jones… Whackjob Extraordinaire!


“Zinnia” Jones

In what will be the first of a series of bios on selected infidels and other strange sociological phenomena, our attention today will be tuned to one particularly disturbed something-or-another calling itself “Zinnia” Jones.  This something-or-another started out life as a human male, then decided that life was rather boring being normal and chose to become… well… what you see here.  It calls itself “transgender”, now.  Fine.  Whatever works, I say.  Not willing to leave it at that, “Zinnia” is part of a movement that is trying to destroy faith-based ideologies and religion, favoring secular humanism – itself a religion of pagan origin – for their desired world view.  This movement involves many well-known atheists, such as Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, the now-deceased Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, etc.  All of these are and were notable in their arrogance and for their vitriolic attacks upon religion, especially Christianity.  I’ve had dealings with them all, over the years, and I can tell you these are not nice people when the chips are down… those that are still people, that is.

Getting back to our featured freakshow, “Zinnia” started out life as an apparently normal-looking human male… normal on the outside, though evidently inside some serious shit was going on that eventually resulted in the mutation that we now have before us.  From what I’ve bothered to glean from the background of this creature, it now has a domestic arrangement with some other freak and there are two children involved.  Yeah… pray for the kids, folks!  They’re going to need all the help they can get going through life, as if that weren’t tough enough for all of us.  It’s having a fetish for rats, too, (maybe it eats them?) is something that the kiddies will have to deal with in their association with their strange ‘parent’.

Jones has a YouTube channel where it posts all kinds of vitriolic drivel against faith-driven organizations and churches.  As I mentioned, I’ve posted comments on it’s channel various times throughout the years, they are generally ignored except for the occasional insult by either it or some of it’s followers, many of these otherwise normal people seeking only to be politically correct and loved by ANYTHING.  (I’m trying to be nice, here!)  Trouble is, “Zinnia” isn’t about love, it’s about cold and lifeless humanism and the tormented mind that inhabits that humanoid encasement unfortunate enough to have to host it dwells on this incessantly.  Lord knows the shit that body has gone through in this entity’s quest for self-determination!

Giving the devil it’s due, the thing is quite intelligent and no novice believer ought to try taking it on in a debate, especially on it’s chosen track of beliefs.  It will generally run circles around the average honest God-fearing soul, having years of experience in defending itself against attacks from every quarter of religion and from trolls simply out to torment what is left of the humanity trapped inside that ostensibly humanoid encasement.

All jokes aside, Jones and company are a sad lot that are seriously out of touch with reality.  Science, while good and proper in it’s intended use, does not have relevance outside of the fact that God is it’s originator and this universe functions because of the principles that He designed and put into play to operate and sustain it.  So-called atheists (really anti-theists) have attempted to hijack science as something that exists apart from God and in place of God.  The two have always been compatible, however, infidels seem to think that they, themselves, are the true authors and defenders of what we generally call science.  Infidels claim that science is something that no believer can rightfully espouse and still be what they claim to be.  Wrong, on all counts!

Jones is to be pitied… or laughed at, depending on your point of view.  Taken seriously?  No.  Simply no.  When you’re this fucked up in the head to do what Jones has and does, one cannot take anything this freak says seriously.  I suppose everything that it’s done to itself over the years, theoretically, could be reversed… physically, anyway.  Psychologically, that poses a different challenge.  Normal is something that Jones has never been, so I doubt the mindset Jones has could ever be reversed.  Perhaps God can take that into account in His judgment of Jones… I would hope so, for what it’s worth.

Too bad that so many have been influenced by it and those other opponents of truth, though.


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