Stupid Is As Stupid Does


“T” for TRASH!

… and it doesn’t get any stupider than this.  Yes, even though the scriptures warn about attempts like these in the last days to try and discredit and nullify the Word of God, fools think that they can get away with crap like this and not go undetected by true Bible students.  For more on this ridiculousness, read here.

Of course, there is a liberalized element out there that claim to be following God and Christ while doing all the things that are detestable in God’s sight.  These same are always ready with some new heresy under political correctness and this will always be the case for as long as time drags on.  Mocking God is a full-time business with these morons and they think themselves impervious to His wrath and judgment.

The “Queen James Bible” just shows how low the loony left will go to try and discredit true faith.  Being unstable in every way, they never tire of drawing attention to themselves and this is simply another milestone in their journey to hell.  So be it.  God won’t stand in their determined way to destroy themselves, why should I?  My warning goes out to those not already sold into Satan’s service to ignore these lost individuals and their ridiculous fads and licentious behavior.

Fags are continually in the news for trying to sue people for imaginary (theirs) slights against them.  What they are, are feeble attempts to gain notoriety and to suck in the public to support their unnatural lifestyles and praise them for it.  The homosexual is in this game FOR THEMSELVES and are totally self-absorbed.  When they don’t get their way, they whine and cry that their tender sensibilities are in some way being infringed upon.  However, people are beginning to see past this charade and know this for what it really is – deviants trying to appear as legitimate in a society that recognizes such behavior as evil.

The “Queen James Bible” is good for only one thing – toilet paper!  It’s adherents – hell fire.  They seek to rewrite and align the Holy Scriptures alongside their demented thinking, but, those in the know can recognize this as the garbage that it is and consign it to it’s proper place in the landfill alongside all that is politically correct and new age.

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