More From The Insane Left

More stupid shit in a stupid shitty world…

Originally, I wasn’t going to post that video.  I mean, why give these perverts any more free press than what they already enjoy?  Hell, it’s all over the fucking place, anyway.  Simply another opportunity to expose the generally decrepit condition of a world that is headed for destruction.  The stupid really do rule in our day.  No doubt about it.

See all the cheering morons lined up behind the barricades watching the two faggots gyrate around like mating fruit flies?  This is the empowerment behind the force that is seeking to destroy society.  Unthinking, witless morons that only live for their next Double-Double and croissant at Timmy’s and the weekend off to watch sports and dumb-assed ‘reality’ shows and get drunk.

Here is another video showing the rampant stupidity and decay in society…

Sad, isn’t it?  These kids can barely formulate a sentence and spell their name, but, they can deliver a complete essay on gay marriage.  Why is it that kids have to know this crap?  “Oh… how will I explain this to my kids?”, some thirty-something, brain-dead, lattè-sucking bicycle path advocate whines.  How about… “Junior, in this world, there are very evil and self-absorbed people that are anxious to pull down the society you live in and control your mind and actions.  The homosexual movement is merely one of those groups.  Stay away from them, because, aside from catching some incurable bug from them, they will eventually be destroyed by God for doing what they do.  They’ll tell you that they cannot help doing what they do, that they were ‘born that way’, but, don’t believe them.  They do what they do because they want to do it… period.”

Jimmy Kimmel, the moronic talk show host/Jay Leno wannabe, defines sophistication as being able to “wrap your head around” what is disgusting and perverse.  As if anything like that needed to be understood for anything other than what it is… pure garbage!  This is the world that the Zionist banking cartel envisions for us all.

I use YouTube quite a bit in my posts, but, it’s getting tougher to do, what with it’s pandering to these criminal gays.  Bad enough that society is leaning more and more toward accepting these freaks, they have to plaster their (gay’s) stupid shit all over their site!  Sign of the times.  Oh well…

By the way… make sure you get your Confederate flag before they are totally banned by the brain-dead leftists.  It is returning as a symbol of freedom from oppression and as a symbol of free thought.  Fools attribute it as being the cause of what they, themselves, have brought down upon society by their own stupidity.  Get your flag and fly it in the faces of these morons!




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