Stupidity Is Hereditary, Now!

Here’s an example of why it is so easy for the globalists to control society…

It is very apparent in this video that man’s priorities have changed.  I find these videos to be excellent bait stations for the antisocial morons that comprise the extreme leftist ranks.  It has been pointed out by some of the more intelligent and observing commenters that the temperatures could not have been in the extreme ranges that one might be led to believe that they were by the title of the video.  People are standing around dressed rather heavily for those supposed temps.  The majority of commenters seem to have missed or are ignoring the obvious in order to get their shot at the owners of the dog, many would like to seem them killed… and all of this over a dumb animal!

Society, under the leadership and hypnosis of the oligarchs, have devolved into mindless idiots.  Evolution has taught these fools that man is simply another animal and not worth any more than the lowest of the animal kingdom.  This has been one of Satan’s greatest victories, eliminating the image of God in man and replacing it with that of a monkey.  These idiots have no idea they are being played like cheap fiddles and imagine themselves superior to creationists.  Any thinking person perusing this video site will soon see the satanic mentality trying to pass itself off as humanitarian.

This is why we have conflict in this world.  Self-important and thoroughly ignorant dupes stand ready to support the slaves of Satan in every harebrained scheme.  They use political correctness to silence their opposition and are ever ready to elevate the ridiculous above the sane.  Forums like these are used to keep the masses continually occupied by engaging in stupid controversies that cannot profit them anything.  It does profit those that use these ruses to distract the masses from those issues that are of true importance.

A while back, I posted a video of a dancing Korean baby that had already received millions of views while videos warning of the new world order received comparatively no views.  The public is so brain dead, now, from generations of engaging in the simple and irrelevant, that they cannot discriminate between reality and fantasy, anymore.  Every day, I see examples of blatant stupidity on our highways and listen to inane and irrelevant programs on radio that almost drives me to despair.  People, today, for the most part, are just morons!  Puppets and putty in the hands of satanic forces bent upon enslaving them.

People never seem to catch on.  Fact is, most never will.  These, we, as followers of Christ, will certainly have to deal with in the very near future.  When their puppet masters direct them to attack all opposition, a lifetime of conditioning and programming will kick in and these elitist zombies will blindly lash out at their master’s direction.  The temptation will be to kill these mindless souls as they strive to attack us and we would certainly be within our rights to do this, from any earthly standpoint.  However, outside of any isolated instance where an individual crime is carried out that would not glorify God by sparing the offender, we are practically called upon to allow God to intervene overall in matters of vengeance and justice.  This will be a supreme test, indeed!

In a world where the bizarre and outright evil are established as right and the proper and good are regarded with disdain, we shall have to live the best way that we can until God restores everything to it’s original and perfect condition – minus Satan and his followers, of course!


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