The Hysteria Begins

The backlash has already started in Canada…


Judy Denham, Manager, The Flag Shop

A Saskatoon, Saskatchewan business has already succumbed to the Charleston SC shootings by refusing to sell Confederate flags in their flag shop… read here.  This is due to the reference made to these in this photo of Dylann Roof, shooter in the massacre…


Roof and flag

It was inevitable.  In the south, pastors are now packing heat and there are calls for the South Carolina legislature to ban Confederate flags on their grounds.  It’s really quite laughable the way these idiots and their emotional knee-jerk reactions to anything that they cannot deal with in a rational manner go off the deep end whenever something like this happens.  It reminds me of a cage full of monkeys… bang the bars and they go spastic, running from one end of the cage to the other, screaming their heads off!  They can’t reason or rationalize, so they react!

Why should they/we allow the criminal element to run our lives like this?  By the criminal element, I mean whomever is behind these types of atrocities.  This may well be the case of a lone killer acting out of hatred for blacks or it may well be a carefully orchestrated false flag by the government, only one of many.  Regardless of who is responsible, the reactions to these crimes is way over the top.  The citizenry do not need to react like insane monkeys every time somebody commits some antisocial act.

The Flag Shop has done exactly that.  The criminals – whomever they are – will always win when we allow them to rule over us with fear.  Of course, this has rehashed the tired old gun debate, again… *sigh*… will it ever end?


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