The Media (Zionists) Control Us Like Puppets


Dylann Roof

The recent Charleston shooting has the potential to get everyone unglued again, just as the SandyHook and Boston Marathon fiascos did before them.  A lone white youth lines up a group of blacks in a church and executes them and the media has a field day exploiting it.  I mean… isn’t this OBVIOUS by now, folks?  A church?  Lol… COME ON!

You are being PLAYED, my dear readers… played like cheap fiddles!  The Zionists OWN the media and only those items that they deem worthy of news will make it to your IPhone, TV, computer, newspaper, etc.  They want to create as much confusion and unrest and PARANOIA as they can.  It’s the first and best way of destabilizing any society that you wish to control and/or destroy.  You want to blame someone for all of the problems in the world?  Blame those that you have ignorantly placed in authority – the politicians and their bosses, the Jewish bankers and their religio-political lackeys festooning the mainline churches.  All of these have an agenda which is to serve Satan.

Of course, Satan is the root of all of the world’s troubles.  Those self-important humanist dullards that presume to know what reality is all about will be first to decry the reality that this world is a spiritual battleground, however, the reality is they are wrong, always have been wrong and always will be wrong.  Satan controls them like he controls the elitist cartel that controls every other venue on this cursed planet.

This Charleston thing is going to go the way of every other incident of this nature the last few months IF the public allows it to.  This is the crucial aspect of everything that goes down in this society, it is because we, the people ALLOW it to happen.  The self-styled elite have relatively little power to enforce anything, it’s our supreme ignorance that drives the totalitarian machine.  The public are their own worst enemies and the dupes of Satan know this from centuries of exploitation.

Now… what are you all going to do?  Are you going to let your emotions rule over you as usual and allow the elitist propaganda machine to roll over you and go off on some stupid tangent like call for more gun control or tighter security in airports… you going to set up surveillance on your neighbors, profile them, etc.?  Are you going to lose it big time and crap your pants every time some looney TV anchor informs you of the latest doings of some knucklehead or government false flag?  Or… are you going to calmly demand some accountability from your time-serving and crooked-to-a-man public servants, media included, as to what it is that they are doing to promote this type of behavior?

Did you get all riled up seeing that picture above?  You’re already infected with the media bug.  Better take some time out and rethink your position as a media information sink and start questioning more and accepting a lot less… and keep away from the fearmongerers in your circles, they are the most efficient tool the elitists have in their war against society.


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