Sorry Excuses For Sportsmen Abuse Animals

This was recently brought to my attention… one look at the video says it all…

We’ve often battled the insane anti-gun lobby over the privileges Americans have to purchase and use firearms for target shooting and hunting, successfully refuting every one of their emotionally-charged and ill-informed claims that guns are evil and that their removal would guarantee the safety of all citizens.  Of course, this is complete nonsense as the criminal element cares little for the laws that leftist fools make.

While we expect this sort of stupidity from ignorant bunny-hugging, lattè-slurping, bicycle path aficionados, however, when our supposed brethren in the shooting sports go and make videos of this low caliber, this only hurts our cause and inflames the ire of those that couldn’t find their asses with both hands, yet presume to know what is best for all.

This “MFK” gang of retards are obviously shills working for the anti-gun groups.  Nobody with the sense that the Lord gave a slug could ever pass this garbage off as anything but what it is… a deliberate attack on the shooting sports and hunting in general.

YouTube is a home for jackals of this sort.  These fools are claiming to have some sort of business manufacturing game calls.  This is the sort of behavior that should call for a boycott of their products.  They have a website… HERE.  There would appear to be several integral individuals involved in this enterprise:

Torry Cook “Call Maker”

Jason Groseclose “Howling Champion”

Dave Stucks “Killing is my business and business is good!”  … etc., etc., etc…

Torry Cook

How about the gay muscle shirt?

Well, Davey-boy… maybe we can do something about that, hmmm?  What say you, readers?  Are any of you gun enthusiasts and animals rights people out there willing to let these morons continue insulting your intelligence by posting their garbage all over social media?  Worse… are you actually supporting these dummies by purchasing their products?  Perhaps what should be done is everyone with any connections with and to reputable sporting companies and manufacturers should give them all a heads-up that these cretins are attempting to soil their reputations by association?

These cruel and arrogant bozos have no respect for the animals they butcher.  Credible hunters do not display the characteristics that these ‘men’ flaunt on camera.  These are merely more examples of a generation of entitled, spoiled brats that have had everything given to them on demand.

Let’s make sure these macho bastards get the publicity they crave… though not what they expect!  Remember… these are not REAL hunters or sportsmen, they’re punks and shills for an insane lobby that wish America disarmed and vulnerable to totalitarian government!  If you see ANY of their products in any sporting goods or hardware store, bring this video to the manager’s attention and announce that you’ll give them no business as long as these products are offered.  Money talks!


One response to “Sorry Excuses For Sportsmen Abuse Animals

  1. Most of these men are terrible people even outside of the hunting world. There are numerous women who will tell you they have cheated with them while their wives are at home. Some have had children outside of their marriages and keep their women as beat down as the animals they abuse. Worthless men.

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