Jewishness Doesn’t Guarantee Salvation

You’ve heard it ad nauseum from so-called “Christians”, really Zionists-in-training, for years… going right along with what their Jewish masters have inculcated into them for generations…

What’s really amazing about this film is how it shows just how carefully the dupes of Satan have followed God’s prophetic outline for millennia!  False prophets like John Hagee, that overweight Zionist bum-boy that makes several trips to Israel every year to touch base with and receive his marching orders from the Zionist elite in Jerusalem.  It’s really not hard to understand how far out in left field these so-called ministers of Christ can get when their motives from the get-go have merely been to pad their pockets with money from duped Christians.

Hagee and those like him are headed for big trouble when the Ancient of Days requires an accounting from them.  Not only must they endure the fires of judgment, they must also endure the scourging from those that they deceived… and Hagee has deceived millions!

One other notable aspect of this film is the part that the homosexual movement has and continues to play in end time events.  The so-called “born with it” crowd use this mainly as an “in your face” thing against society and as an expression of defiance against God, having NOTHING to do with genetics.  Effeminate behavior does not necessarily lead to homosexuality, THAT is something that is learned and it is practiced in open defiance of God and Christians.    You will not find a more virulent group opposing God on Earth than homosexuals.  They have stood in open defiance of Him almost since the beginning of time.

There are those that seek peace at all costs, like the one individual interviewed that seems to think that ALL faiths and beliefs must necessarily lead to salvation and God.  Many Christians share this view along with the notion that all Jews are saved no matter what, no matter what Jews, themselves, say about it.  Fact is that Judaism has no place for Christ or Christians ANYWHERE in this life or beyond.  For one thing, they do not believe in an afterlife, which shows you where the so-called ‘scientists’ of today get their theories on origins from.  This is an ancient pagan belief that has been adopted for modern day application and it’s working very well.

What is truly amazing to this writer is the level of delusion that has taken hold of the world.  Small wonder that it is fucked up like it is with every notion and inclination, no matter how ridiculous, entertained as truth and or at least a viable possibility of it being so!  I personally know a few Christians that believe Israel is God’s chosen nation despite the myriad of biblical texts that debunk that belief.  They faithfully send their hard-earned money to these elitist bastards thinking that they are doing God’s service, not knowing that they further the devil’s work every time they lick a stamp.

People… READ YOUR DAMNED BIBLE!  Just sitting on your fat complacent asses and letting some minister do all the work for you will not cut it.  Chances are, in this day and age, he’s going to have something wrong and it just might be something that will get you killed right along with those that have openly avowed war against God.  There are plenty of stooges like Hagee that will not hesitate to rob you of your money and send it to a bunch of thieves and murdering scum so that they can live like kings.

If that is how little you value your lives and your salvation, perhaps you don’t deserve either one!

P.S… did the Holohoax REALLY happen like THEY say?  Well, judge for yourselves…

Tired of being lied to, yet?


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