Homosexuals Rule In Satanic New World Order


Filthy deviants on parade

Whom were once rightfully classed as the dregs of society, sexual deviants now enjoy first-class status in the bankers’ pseudo-societal construct known as the New World Order… read here.

They think that society is coming around to their way of thinking.  Of course, nothing could ever be further from the truth.  Some might.  However, most will always pay respect out of fear and some perverted need for acknowledgment.  The politically correct are always looking for new things to attach significance to.  What wouldn’t have gotten the attention that a mosquito bite got thirty years ago now is a really big deal – and who really gives a flying fuck about the ‘rights’ of freaks that parade themselves naked down city streets in front of kids and the elderly?

Today’s oh-so-fashionable and politically correct twenty and thirty-something brain dead new age yuppie fancies themselves as superior in every way, intellectually, culturally, what have you.  What they are, are dunces that are prone to every sifting change in the wind, easily duped and conned into accepting every moronic idea that comes down the pipe.  There is no shortage of moronic ideas out there, it only has to be stupid and it has an immediate following. Satan rules this world.  It ceased to be God’s world when Adam and Eve chose Satan as their ruler in place of God.

Granted, God will indeed reclaim His lost world and kill off every Satanic influence.  However, until that time we will be forced to endure the most degrading times that have ever existed on this planet.  Stupid idiotic people will continue to foist the most ridiculous fashions and concepts upon us, enabled by time-serving politicians and even a lethargic clergy.

Some things never change… uppermost of those, man’s capacity for fucking up what God instituted from time immemorial, a society based upon morals and a consciousness for and of the divine – these two things are almost totally absent in our world, today.


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