Fag “Pride” Day In My City

The morning opened with clouds and a good possibility of rain, but, the sun eventually came out so I guess there won’t be anything to deter our local perverts from strutting their stuff down our main drag, ( no pun) today.  Yes, it’s another of those tiresome “gay pride” events where scantily clad perverts make their way through public thoroughfares, gyrating and humping their greasy sweaty bodies in the faces of the general public.

Faggot Laughing

Yes, they’re certainly enjoying themselves, these days.  Now that it is politically incorrect to criticize these deviants or their lifestyle, they have responded with a new boldness that amounts to an ‘in your face’ to every normal and decent citizen.  The Illuminati, that shadowy cult behind all of the push to legitimize homosexuality is a powerful force when it can place deviants and miscreants – literally defective human beings – at the top of the food chain.  At no other time in history have fags enjoyed such power, though it has been handed to them and not through any effort of their own.

Occasionally, I’ll see a local ‘couple’ in a local restaurant wearing loud clothes and speaking loudly about their homosexual activities and antics, almost looking for derisive comments from other patrons so that they can find some excuse to sue them for defamation or something equally ridiculous.  These numbskulls don’t work at real jobs, they sponge off of the welfare system and likely from panhandling, not to mention what they can glean from frivolous lawsuits.

Today is my town’s turn, as it were, to suffer degradation hosting these freak shows.  No politician wanting to lose their comfy position will dare refuse a faggot his chance to play in the sun.  Toronto Mayor Bob Ford found out the hard way what happens when you touch the new world order’s darling children.

Unfortunately, as any Bible student knows, these things must come to pass.  They are inevitable happenings that must take place in order for sin to run it’s full course, inviting judgment from God.  In Old Testament times, referring specifically to the age before the great flood, homosexuals ran rampant and roughshod over everyone, then again in old Sodom and Gomorrah.  They literally took over entire cities!  And, as usual, it took God to wipe them from the surface of the earth.  Man doesn’t seem capable or willing of dealing with these scum, so it falls to God to do man’s job for him.

Homosexuals will never change.  Sure, you have some that are quiet and soft-spoken and would never cause any trouble.  However, this is not a pass from God to continue in a lifestyle that is considered by Him to be an abomination defiling and defacing His image in man.  It also throws crap all over the representation of Christ and His church as a man and His bride… essentially a man and a woman.  Same sex representations do not portray what is God’s will, nor is it compatible with anything in nature, should evolutionists need something to refer to in their censure of this abominable practice.

This writer won’t be in attendance of any faggot fun-fests in this town or any town, anytime soon or in the far future.  I await the day when all of these deviants can no longer look to the law to protect them and will, again, suffer at the hands of a righteous and angry God for their presumptuousness.  Speed that day!


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