You Think You’re Informed? LOL!


Average Citizen

Over breakfast, today, I mentioned to some friends that they pretty much have to relearn everything that they have been taught in school – from the sciences to history, even art.  Nothing that we see and think that we know has any basis in reality.  As a society, we are basically kept in the dark on even the most mundane issues.

One of the biggest lies we’ve been told is that there are individuals – “terrorists” – out there that have targeted our country for invasion.  False flags have been instituted to help promote and maintain illegal and immoral operations against other nations for the purpose of enslaving their populations and stealing their resources.  A false flag is anything that is designed to make people feel like victims of others whom have been marked for annihilation and/or invasion.  9/11 is probably the most recent large-scale false flag of this nature, having been orchestrated and carried out by Zionist operatives in collusion with American politicians and the military/industrial complex and British banks.

This world is run by pagans.  These are individuals and cartels that openly defy God and Christ, preferring to serve an entity known to them as “Lucifer”.  Now, NONE of these dupes will EVER admit that it is Satan that they worship, they do not believe in such a being’s existence.  This is Satan’s plan as he has always blamed God for man’s plight, not accepting responsibility for his role in deceiving our first parents.  Over time, Satan has even erased the fact that we are created beings and has introduced specious ‘theories’ that we are simply evolutionary products.  Funny how man can believe he is an evolved ape defying the creation fact and yet think that God is the evil being and not Satan/Lucifer!

“Lucifer” means creature of light.  Satan has always claimed to have special insight into everything while accusing God of withholding truth.  To be enlightened by Lucifer is to be ensnared.  Lucifer well knew what sin was and is, having been it’s originator.  When he first transgressed God’s law, his name was changed to Satan.  (“Deceiver”)  He was the first to sin and then actively promoted it.

Nowadays, Satan’s dupes – international bankers, politicians, religious leaders – secretly worship this being, some even unknowingly, merely following those higher up the ladder than they, on promises of great wealth and knowledge and a position in the coming “new world order” that Satan is trying to create.  Only an adept few really know what the real score is, their underlings simply useful idiots carrying out their orders.

Most of our presidents, prime ministers, etc., fall into this category of being useful idiots.  Below that we have educators, legislators, judges, lawyers, doctors… a whole army of useful idiots charged with leading the gullible masses astray.  The masses are kept increasingly busier with managing the affairs of life with little or no regard for questioning official policy on anything, merely accepting on faith that they are being told the truth.

It’s no coincidence life is the helter-skelter mess that it is.  Sadly, most will never awaken from their materialistic stupor, continuing on their downhill path to ruin, ridiculing anyone with the common sense and mental acumen to question ‘facts’ and demand their leaders account for what they do.  It doesn’t have to be very subtle, anymore, leaders are committing more and more blatant and gross acts and not having to answer to any more than half-hearted complaints from citizens too busy to notice.

Of course, we are more like sheep than apes, being led about the paddock, eventually to the slaughter.  Even Christ called us sheep as we are so easily led.  Unfortunately, in this world, there are plenty of wolves that are ready to fleece us and kill us.  As time goes on, things will get steadily worse.  Satan will never quit and neither will his dupes.  Anyone that mocks the idea of conspiracy qualifies as a sheep.  Sheep are not known for great intelligence and will willingly follow anyone they think can feed them.  So far, Satan has done a good job of convincing them that he is able to feed and provide for them… until he no longer needs them.

The government and any of it’s affiliates or resources is not accountable to you.  You now serve the government.  It’s time that you woke up and acknowledged this fact at the risk of being labelled as stupid.

*For more on false flags, read this.


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