Lost World

No… this isn’t another gory film about a prehistoric theme park gone awry.  It’s merely a sad reflection upon a world that has embraced satanic doctrine and has rendered itself unfit for glorification by God.

For just such an example of how far humanity has degenerated, see this…


Humanist scientists declare that we are advancing in evolution, becoming better.  That statement is now laughable.  No one that has lived for any length of time on this planet can honestly say that things are getting better.  The sad sight depicted above merely shows that to be irrefutable.

Godless men declare themselves an authority and denounce God as myth.  Their ridiculous and insane ideas are welcomed by the ignorant masses, themselves having chosen to believe a lie out of convenience.  The previous post depicts perverts parading naked down public streets with citizens in loud support of them.  Nothing is too bizarre, anymore, the bizarre is the new normal.  In fact, the more bizarre and stupid something is, the better it is accepted.  Stupid people advocate stupid things.

Things will not get better.  They will progressively get WORSE.

Liberal thinking and perverted taste have set the bar for the achievement of total anarchy and disaster.  Our leaders are criminals only interested in getting rich and getting out.  Elitist rich men control them like puppeteers.  The only solution – and this is purely an individual one – is to renounce the world’s foolishness and stick with what God has ordained.  Let the filthy be filthy still.  They are determined to die… let them.

When the literal shit hits the fan, you won’t be able to count on government or your neighbors for support.  Having all the money in the world will not help in a cashless society, which is what we will have when the bottom drops out of the economy.  Your riches will perish with you.  Better to learn to not love life too much, merely take it for what it is, a tenuous thing at best.  We shall all die some day, better to die without regrets.  The chief regret for me would be to die immersed in a system that is clearly gone insane.

Even atheists in their private moments cling to some kind of affirmation that this life isn’t all there is.  They may tout numbers of chance that life might recur at some distant date, perhaps similar to the one that they now have… after all, it happened once, right?  Sad, that they have to attribute this occurrence to blind chance other than the deliberate act of a sovereign being like God!  The lengths some will go to, to avoid what common sense tries to tell them, is truly amazing.

The man in the video obviously has lost all sense of self-decency and respect for himself.  Even while being watched, his perverted desire clamors for indulgence.  You couldn’t go any lower than this if you tried.

That is our society, today, in a nutshell.


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