Woman Sues Freaks In Court – A Taste of Their Own Medicine?


Isn’t this a wonderful sight?  Hordes of sweating, bloated deviants parading through your streets in front of your elderly and young children?  What an amazing new world order we have!

Sickening displays like this are becoming widespread and common in this warped society.  A world where the bizarre becomes normal and decency is considered retrograde and nigh-outlawed.  Fat smelly bloated pigs (apologies to swine) have taken over our cities and no doubt even some rural areas.  They occupy key offices in government and schools.  Perverts with a license to sue anyone they don’t like merely upon that basis.

Gangs of freaks approach Christian businesses all over the land, demanding them to set aside their beliefs to cater to homosexual desires.  They might as well be attacking them physically.  However, some are turning the tide on these maggots… such as the case with one Nebraska ladyread hereand here.  Turnabout is fair play, right?  Right!

Good luck with these cases, however, as most courts now are under the boot of the homosexual lobby.  Much like criticizing ‘darling’ Israel and Zionism, fighting faggots these days is like putting a gun to your own head.  Time-serving judges and legislators are quick to curry the favor and vote of deviants and their agenda of eliminating Christianity and any other faith that condemns their filthy lifestyle.

Will a cop arrest any homosexual parading naked down a public thoroughfare like he would anyone else?  Would becoming a card-carrying member of the LGBT ensure one not only a ‘get-out-of-jail card’ but a ‘exempt-from-prosecution card’ as well?

While there are many ways of showing one’s disgust and opposition to this new fad of political correctness… many that I cannot broach here, but, use your imagination… I would suggest that everyone boycott displays like that above and let these freaks know that they aren’t wanted or loved.  God in no way expects us to love or support these deviants.  We may not lay a hand on them, except they try and harm us, but, neither are we constrained to associate with or support them in any way.

You see them everywhere… in restaurants, shops, always talking loud and displaying their tattooed sweating bodies.  They love to be the center of attention!  The law and an overly permissive society are emboldening these creeps to come crawling out from under the rocks they’ve been forced to hide under for generations.  They are a vindictive lot, too, from all of their years of being “in the closet”, especially if you ever cross them!  Crossing them merely entails ignoring them when they wish to force themselves upon you and your beliefs, which is all the time.

I leave it to the individual as to what they should do at the time, however, entering into controversy with them is pointless.  Merely smile and walk away.  The law will always side with them as it fears them and their powerful lobby.  There are other ways to deal with them.  If you’re unlucky enough to work with one or more of these, one can always watch for opportunities to have them fired or demoted.  If you’re forced to do some service for them, render it with less than adequate enthusiasm and quality.  Bakers are a favorite target for these deviants… bake them their cake!  Make sure they can adequately ‘digest’ their food, however, rendering the necessary ‘ingredients’ that they do not become stopped-up from their characteristic over-indulgence.  This can happen, too, despite their over-sized anal orifices, attributes that will greatly aid in the ‘purging’ that will follow.

There are always alternatives in dealing with social miscreants aside from the old tried and true ways healthier societies once utilized.  In today’s world order, one must be subtle… but NEVER apologize for being right in your assertions!  Homosexuality IS a deviant practice… always has been, always will be.

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