What To Do When The *SHTF*

* Shit Hits The Fan*… and it’s always a possibility in our elitist-controlled world.  There is talk of the US dollar falling from international favor.  With that, everything that we understand about an economy will fall with it.

We have to stop thinking in terms of hoarding money.  True wealth is what we are able to use when we are in need of those things that can keep us alive and healthy.  Working like a slave at the expense of time with our family and our health is not true industry, it’s stupidity.

There will be a time when ‘money’ as we know it will be useless.  Millions of bank accounts will evaporate overnight.  Fiat paper notes will only be good for burning for fuel.  Tangible assets like fuel, ammunition, garden truck, household items and utensils, etc., are the things that will ensure some form of a local economy, trading among yourselves.  Forget about government services, they are what got you in the mess you’re in.

The most valuable asset you can have is a good relationship with your neighbors as this will be a collective effort to survive.  The individualist mentality that corporate materialism has programmed us with cannot survive in a post-crash environment.  Loners will not survive except as recluses in caves, cut off from medical and other social comforts.  Everyone will brought down to one level in class.  Doctors and lawyers will need farmers and laborers to help them survive and vice versa.

Hoarding cash is stupid.  Invest in tangible items that can keep you alive, and real estate.  True, that can be expropriated, but, not all at once.  The powers that be will be extremely busy enforcing elitist policies and we far outnumber them.  The ability to feed and protect ourselves should be a prime concern.  Living off the land is not a new concept and we will be forced to do that in the not-so-distant future.

Learn to prepare and cook wild game.  Learn to live with less… less of the trappings of modern commercialism.  Buy the things that can help you live in times without utilities and government benefits – these will be the first things to go.  Foremost of all, develop a trust relationship with Christ and learn of Him.  Trust always belays fear and it’s fear that will prove our undoing if we let it overcome reason.

Learn to live in the new world order, not be captive under it!


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