We Have A Problem

Thugs in Baltimore

Thug Protesters vs. Cops in Baltimore

This should prove a warning against the incessant immigration policies that the Canadian Government have in place that allow hordes of refugees into Canada.  See story.

Even our western prairie communities are becoming havens for waves of immigrants.  They will soon outnumber white Canadians, whom are fast becoming the minority in the country that they built.   Then when times get rough, scenes like those played out in Baltimore will become all too real and frequent.

The Illuminati have long planned for diluting cultures through the intermixing of different races.  Look at couples walking down the street… one out of every three are interracial.  This is indicative of the high concentration of immigrants and refugees that are already here.  Many of these newcomers enjoy perks that the average white person is not eligible to have; free credit, housing, guaranteed and subsidized employment… many immigrants I see are driving late model SUV’s, while I drive a 20 year-old sedan!  They just got off the boat, having come here with NOTHING!  Talk about a sugar-daddy country, this CANADA!

Racial tensions are inevitable, especially when you have a cartel of powerful banking and business elites running the show.  They will continue to instruct their government lackeys to allow boatloads of ne’er-do-well’s onto our shores.  The social unrest this provides is great for their agenda to bring sovereign countries to their knees and accept totalitarian rule.

I do not go out of my way to welcome new citizens to Canada unless they are Europeans.  These think and look enough like us to not present a threat to our culture, having in fact been established from these back when the first settlers colonized this land.  Jabbering bands of Orientals, Africans, Philipinos, etc., are so culturally opposite ours as to pose problems further down the line.  Scenes like these in Baltimore prove this… AND IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!

Can… and will!


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