Avoid Doing Business In Gresham Oregon


Sexual Deviants Flaunting

It’s not a place decent people would want to visit.  They cater to sexual deviants, there.

On their website, they claim it’s a rewarding place to work.  Possibly… if you’re a deviant homosexual looking to make a fast buck off some sucker that you set up to refuse you service, like the two dykes that went in pretending to want a wedding cake when they were really looking for an opportunity to turn an easy 135K!

This is the militant LGBT in action.  This is what they are all about.  They have an agenda to get rid of Christianity and reduce Christians to mere sexual slaves.  There are gays littering every city and it isn’t long before you spot one, they are hard to miss.  Look for loudly-dressed and foppy individuals with big loud voices proclaiming their presence.  They do this in hopes of setting off some decent person with the hopes of steering them toward a big fat lawsuit.  The law caters to these freaks and they know it.

Many forums entertain these creeps, they are forced to.  They don’t get a voice here.  Their comments never see the light of day.  Still, they manage to push their way into most forums.  Forums that value dollars and readership above integrity and decency.

Boycotting places that love fag dollars seems to be the only way to get the message across.  Until government ceases pandering after sociopaths’ and perverts’ dollars and puts them in their rightful place as third class citizens needing rehabilitation, we can’t expect much in the way of fairness, legally or otherwise.  Got a fag neighbor?  Shun him/her if they seem to follow LGBT policies.  Granted, there are some gays that aren’t interested in taking over society and want to treat others fairly.  Only the radical left are deserving of the roughest treatment we can hand out.

They’d do it to you… and will, if you oppose them!

Drop the mayor and council in Gresham a line… tell them what a great job of being politically correct pussies they’re doing and that you’re not coming to visit!


4 responses to “Avoid Doing Business In Gresham Oregon

    • What affliction is that… despising perverts and the unfair sway they enjoy in an increasingly brain-dead and tolerant society, particularly when they use that sway to victimize others?

      Maybe it’s the fact that homosexuality is evil, condemned by God and the ruination of various cultures in mankind’s history – such as the Babylonian, Greek, Roman empires, to name a few…

      It’s even an abomination from nature’s view… oh, I guess it came from a sense of instinctively knowing what is right and what is pure filth, something called common sense, a thing that is in short supply in this politically correct, fag-controlled society we have today.

      • Yes, precisely that affliction, I would say however brain dead and intolerant is a much more apt description of the case at hand..

        The historical and factual knowledge you display is of the most educated and critically thought out I’ve had the pleasure of encountering this long second..

        You know, I’d never have guessed you a victim of religiosity based upon your enlightened and intellectual discourse..

        Most interesting that you use the words; abomination, nature and instinct in the same paragraph on this kind of topic.. You are a brave sole (not a spelling err)..


        • Brain dead and intolerant, you say? Oh… you mean like these freaks (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/06/07/gay-colorado-couple-sues-bakery-for-allegedly-refusing-them-wedding-cake/) victimizing innocent business people because their views didn’t coincide with what their warped minds view as tolerance, yes, I see. They only had so many alternatives (literally hundreds that would have catered their ‘wedding’) so they had to make examples of these folk objecting to their crazed demands.

          So, what do you base your ‘educated and critical thought processes’ upon… what happens to be passing as politically correct and fashionable for the moment? You weirdo’s only see yourselves as important in this society, notwithstanding the history of violence and mayhem your ilk have brought to the world since the first pervert ‘came out’ as it were.

          You can read (and you won’t, I’m sure) several posts I’ve done on this blog about this subject, and others’ posts I’ve linked to and you’ll see that anything that I have claimed and that they have claimed is well-substantiated. My concern is coming not so much from any religious point of view as to the threat that your ilk bring in terms of health risks, crime, increased health care costs due to the immense medical bills AIDs and Hep C-sufferers incur at public expense. There definitely is a religious angle to this, and I know that God will sort all of this out in the finish, but, why should I have to live under the boot heel of organized debauchery in the meantime?

          I can’t speak for God… but, if you want to live peaceably with me you had damned well better start practicing some of that tolerance you preach… or you’ll find out what REAL intolerance is!

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