Zionist Bigotry in Action


Zionist Bigotry

It’s getting out of hand.  You can say ANTHING you want against anyone EXCEPT Jews, homosexuals and any other radical group or organization, but, you walk a narrow ledge when you criticize “God’s chosen ones”.  Jews enjoy immense freedom and sympathy in America and take full advantage of it to rail at their enemies.  These days, EVERYONE is fair game, not just those that are of Muslim background.

Of course, the Illuminati bankers are Jewish converts and they use their influence to silence any opposition against their goy-hating, anti-Christian programs like promoting radical feminism, atheism, homosexualism and other deviant lifestyles and criminal activities.  The bankers know that it’s politically correct (‘PC’ being another of their inventions) to love Jewishness and to hate Muslims, thanks to their own persecution of the Jews back during WWII.  They use this to full advantage and are very good at silencing their opposition.  “Useful idiots” are the goy they employ to aid them in their vendettas, which include incursions by their secret service (Mossad) into other countries, seeking out enemies of Zionism and assassinating them.

They pursue aged ex-Nazis almost to the point of digging them out of their graves and putting them on trial, aptly illustrating their insane lust for vengeance.  These show-trials are meant as an example of what anyone can expect for going against them.  They will go after anyone, big or small, to make a point.

Jews are considered (by the authorities) as the darlings of society.  That’s not the sentiment with others, though.  Jews have a well-earned reputation for being conniving materialists and vindictive enemies.  History defies political correctness in it’s honest portrayal of the Zionist mentality and their dealings with others throughout time.  While there are honest peace-loving Jews that are trying to live their lives while saddled with this unwanted stigma, Zionism is still embraced by many ultra-nationals whom have fallen for the ‘master race’ brainwashing and truly believe they are the chosen ones of God.

I won’t get into a religious exegesis here on why this is a ludicrous idea, suffice to say they are deluded and are not doing themselves any favors by walking around with their noses stuck up in the air, looking down on everyone else.  Reality is going to bite them hard in their nationalist ass, and this is forthcoming if they continue to pursue their vindictive foreign policy against Arab nations and their allies.  They are beginning to piss off their own allies with their haughty national pride and those are the only ones that have kept Israel from being wiped from the face of the Earth.

God isn’t fighting for them, anymore.  They rejected Him by hanging His Son on a post and they seem to think that won’t affect His promise to establish them as a nation among all others?  Supreme delusion!

Society owes it to these egomaniacs not to recognize or condone their insane self-importance by helping them go after their enemies, real or imaginary, and simply tell them to fall in line like everyone else.  They are no more important than any other culture and it’s time that they were made to understand that.

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