Coward of The Year



I’m going off my usual format for this one, because I feel this story needs some coverage and the issue of “wounded souls” analyzed properly.

This pathetic waste of skin will or does not get any respect or pity from me, even in his death.  For the jist of this story, read here.

I’ve only written one other story on low-lives of this ilk, it’s not my usual MO.  However, society, particularly those of the socialist left-wing idiot corps’ ilk seem to think that cretins of this type are damaged goods that need cuddling and hugs, not a firm hand to whip them into line.  That is what you do with bunnies and puppies, which was not what this guy needed!  The result was him murdering his girlfriend and some other dude’s kids and then bragging about it… before taking the usual scumbag coward’s way… exiting from life’s responsibilities by his own hand!

His sister said that he was misunderstood.  Well, we understand that he killed three innocent kids and that’s all anyone needs to understand!  Yet another LOSER taking out a LOSER’S vengeance upon a world that isn’t set up for or caters to LOSERS.

He lost his job… BOO-HOO-HOOOO!  Who hasn’t lost a job or encountered tough times?  Do we go out and kill children when we don’t get our way?  Society is really going down the shitter when this kind of deviancy is not only tolerated but excused.  This is what the Illuminati wants, is to have society operate in the reverse of the way that it was intended to operate.  Deviancy and abnormality, good.  Rationality and sensibility, not good, from the globalist viewpoint.

Well, that’s all the press this LOSER is going to get, here.  The lesson from this is that little entitlement generation suckies are NOT entitled to a job or anything they happen to crave in life, they are expected to pull their own weight in the harness.  Kids, today, think they have it all coming to them and permissive parents and teachers help drill that misconception into their precious little heads right from birth.  Then, when life hands out reality to them in big heavy gobs, they curl up in a ball and/or scream bloody murder… some, like this dummy, actually DO murder!

To the entitlement pussies out there that might be reading this… it’s NOT all about you, so get over yourselves!  No free rides in this world, sweetheart!  You want something, you work for it!  Also, when you fuck up, it’s YOUR fault, NOT everyone else’s!  We don’t have time to psychoanalyze your precious misunderstood little ass, just suck it up and do what we all have to do in this crazy world!

Nuff’ sed!


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