Day of Reckoning

It’s here…

The old soldier means what he says.  And here in Canada, there are those that haven’t caved to our politically correct, homosexual-loving government of time-serving elitist-wannabes, you can be sure!  Jade Helm-15 is merely a front for the next psy-op the Zionist US Government is preparing to unleash on the world.

What will it be?  It will involve the deaths of many US citizens, YOU CAN BE SURE, and it will be blamed on religious extremists, most likely those that Israel especially hates.  Why Israel?  Israel is the BOSS of America and the current homosexual and his cross-dressing husband that have assumed the roles of American president and first freak, are Israel’s puppets.

However… BEWARE!  All those that think their government is actually their representative and subservient to them… don’t think FOR ONE SECOND that any spin-off false flag will be tolerated, nor that any Draconian measures instituted in the name of “national security” won’t be met with serious, perhaps LETHAL reprisal!  As with the old Marine, there are Canadians that are FED UP with the leftist whore-mongering criminals that are running this country into the ground, serving Zionist agendas.

The political correctness STOPS HERE!  There is a line and you elitist whores are about to step over it.  Only then will you realize just how ignorant you are as to the motivation and means that freedom-loving citizens can garner to drop you kicking in your politically correct tracks!  Are you listening, Stephen Harper and you gaggle of political nitwits infesting Ottawa?

You’ve been warned!


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