Get Ready!

This is what is coming.  You heard the Rothschild hired thug at 17:50 on the video: “There are a lot of CONSTITUTIONALISTS stockpiling weapons and ammo…”  These dummies aren’t smart enough to figure out they are being used, nor trustworthy to keep a secret… not that the powers that be give a shit!  Their arrogance and smug self-confidence knows no bounds.

Any foreign reader seeing this knows what is coming.  How many fascist regimes got their start in just this manner?  Only a complete MORON couldn’t see what this is all leading up to.  And since when is being a constitutionalist something to be ashamed of or illegal?  Since fascists took over the country, that’s when!

It’s a given good ‘ol Canada will brown-nose it’s way right along after the corrupt-as-hell homosexual Obama regime.  Our idiot Jewish prime minister and his bungling cabinet will render all support to their Rothschild allies.  Stephen “Harperstein” will do what he’s told to do like the good little pet bought-and-paid-for goy dumbass dupe he is.

Time to consider options!  More on this, later…

Stay tuned!



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