Bill C-51: Prelude To Tyranny

Protest C-51

See story here.

A motley protest… 30 persons when 3000 might have made a difference!  Then, again… we all pick our causes, don’t we?  Some… most are just not that significant in view of the enormity of life living in the new world order of the super rich.

The demonstration was to protest the sweeping powers given to government to combat “terror”.  Of course, the “terror” is what they, the government, have manufactured, themselves, in order to bring about the circumstances that warrant these kind of gatherings.  Were it not for the incessant meddling of western societies in the affairs of other sovereign nations, there would be no perceived threat… indeed, there is no threat, except from within!

9/11 was an inside job, cooperation lent by our governments whom stood idly by and let foreign agencies like Mossad (Israeli Security Service) mount attacks against our citizenry.  This was the impetus for future Draconian measures to ensure that the consolidation of power over the citizenry would be complete.  It nigh well is, at this point.

These gatherings and others like them, such as the ones against homosexual oppression in Toronto and Hamilton, last week, are poorly attended, showing an overall complacency, perhaps fatigue, on the part of society to resist the evil bastards that are inexorably taking over the world economy.  How much longer will these types of gatherings even be allowed?  When will it come to where these types of protest are viewed as seditious and outlawed?

The day is coming when anyone opposing the new world order will be branded an international criminal and the people will be granted the freedom to hunt the ‘heretics ‘down and kill them.  The general public, hunting other members of the public!  We all now focus on the government as the one doing the dirty work… however, in the end, it will be our OWN that will be our greatest threat!  It’s happened before, it will happen again!

In her book, The Great Controversy, Christian author E.G. White tells about what society will be like under the rule of the oligarchs.  Having paved the way for the establishment of Satan’s throne in Jerusalem, the centralized world government will then empower the general population of Earth to seek out those that still resist (most will have capitulated or been killed) and kill them.  A world-wide bounty will be levied against the people of God!

The scenario leading up to this is a world under judgment by God, with various plagues and other geographical catastrophes leading the world to seek (in vain) God’s forgiveness for their steadfast rebellion against Him and His Son.  The oligarchs, of course, are pagans opposed to God.  Their empire is modern-day Babylon, the “New World Order” contrived upon the ashes of the old order.  When God allows strife to occur against those that oppose Him, these deluded fools will seek to destroy those that did not deviate from their true duty.  The servants of God will be blamed for the problems that they, the unrepentant, brought upon themselves.  These are documented in the plagues of Revelation 16 – 20.

It is going to take some real intestinal fortitude to live in these last days, my friends.  Up to now, we have had things pretty good!  Try and imagine a world torn asunder by disease and natural disaster, virtually leveled by war and famine and general upheaval.  This is the legacy of the super rich whom have opposed God since the days when the great tower of Babylon was destroyed by God and it’s builders scattered over the earth… all of them vowing revenge for their own sedition!

Atlantis (the pre-flood world) was given to rebellion and anarchy and was destroyed and the wicked immediately went back to their old ways.  This attitude will never change.  Their progeny are as committed to establishing their independent government as they were.  This world, also, will be destroyed along with those that perpetrate and love it.

Protests are fine, but, in the end, things will play out as they must.  In the end, universal peace will be established at long last and not through any efforts of man, but, by God.  Man has had thousands of years to prove his way is better.  It would be more likely a leopard could change it’s spots than man ever overcoming his own violent, greedy and impulsive nature.


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