Obama Culls Christians From Military


Yes, the resident Whitehouse homosexual bigot Barack Obama is making it clear that Christians are not a part of his vision for policing the new world order of his Zionist pig masters.  See story here.

Obama’s new HOMOgenized military only wants effeminate dickheads who follow orders mindlessly and in accordance with politically correct doctrine.  Anyone that’s been around for any length of time can see the transition in the appearance of soldiers…



To this…


Easy to see the difference, isn’t it?  Men, as opposed to effeminate-looking dildos, homogenous in looks and character with no trace of individuality… today’s new age enforcer.  Effeminate and juvenile-looking, diapers wouldn’t look out of place on these children.  They look like they just walked out of a video arcade!

Homosexual deviants are fast supplanting normal heterosexual people in every walk of life.  It is unlawful to resist the will of these pigs so it is advisable to not have anything more to do with them than is absolutely necessary.  They will soon find a way to drag you into court for refusing them some service or courtesy.  Having a president that is like them only empowers these freaks.

One has to ask themselves… if I’m a Christian, why would I even want to be involved in an organization that is clearly anti-Christian, anti-justice, anti-social in every respect like the US military?  Since when has God had anything to do with the foreign policy of the US?  The self-appointed (actually Rothschild-appointed) world-cop mentality of the US military is universally known.  Anyone defying Rothschild will can expect interference from Obama, their chief Doberman attack dog.

This is a clear message from God.  He’s announcing through these morons that He is about to clean house and Christians had best not be anywhere near the house when He starts His purge.  All deviants and their masters will be destroyed along with the grand puppet master, himself… Satan.  For that, we can all give thanks!


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