Compulsory Reading

Read this article by Henry Makow.  Here is a teaser from the comments…

“Yes, the markets are rigged. I was a day-trader before it had a name back when I thought the illusions were real. I got out in the October, 1987 collapse without suffering any losses and never returned because I found out what the game really was. In simple terms, if you are not the biggest fish in the pond, you are fish food. All markets exist as a means of control. That is why the markets make moves that defy common sense. Manipulation is the control. Manipulation is accomplished with money. As long as there are usury banks that create as much money as they want, there can be no “free market.” There has not been a “free market” in the USA since 1792. Financial markets are the ultimate mammon and the ultimate illusion. Financial markets produce nothing tangible even if finance is based on something tangible. When finances are based on debt like all western societies today, no matter what anyone does with negative numbers and zero, there is never a positive. Illusion and deception are the tools of evil, not God. Putting faith in illusion and deception is putting faith in evil.”  (Emphasis supplied)

It is also idolatry.  When you set up the things of this world as your god, as it were, that is anything that supplants affection and contemplation toward God, this is idolatry.  We are all idolaters, even those that claim to be believers.

Every person should be taught the REAL purpose of finance and usury from their earliest days.  All you even learn in school is how to feed the great debt machine with your life blood, preparing for a trade within the system.  You are prepped for slavery and then when you are too old to participate in the wage/slave program any longer. you’re ditched in some squalid ‘retirement’ home.  Each successive generation feeds the one before it, barely maintaining the work force.

The system IS gradually breaking down, however.  We cannot sustain it much longer with burgeoning population rates and rampant inflation.  Agenda 21 is REAL!  Remember in scripture where mankind sought to congregate in large cities AGAINST the will of God?  Babylon was their crowning achievement… until it (the tower) was destroyed and men were scattered throughout the country, living in small clans and towns, as was God’s original purpose.  Cities constitute sinful living and a means of controlling the population.  They were never sanctioned by God for His creation.

No less, today, with the rising tide of evil and persecution!


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