The Peril of Online Forums

You’ve all heard me rant before about forums like YouTube not allowing free speech, that these forums are decidedly biased toward certain groups and ideologies.  Sometimes it can be a matter of pure dumbassed administration, too.  This writer often has problems getting onto sites to post comments about certain subjects when other more ‘benign’ subjects receive hardly a glitch.

Liveleak also has it’s share of glitches and probably biases, too.  For instance… this video:

As a registered user, I tried to get on and explain that there is more bias on the part of Israel, particularly the Khazarian sect, which are the CONVERTS to Judaism, not blood relatives… comprised of families such as the Rothschild’s, the ultra-rich banking clan that basically rules the finances of the entire world.  The theme of the discussion was decidedly biased against the Muslim faith, not surprising given the stranglehold that pro-Zionist forces have upon our compliant governments.

I merely wanted to add that Jews hold an inordinate presence and influence over us as North Americans, controlling every major facet of our culture and economy.  It is not considered politically correct to criticize Israel or Jews, however, nearly every other faith is fair game.  Muslims, of course, are the favorite target, nowadays, thanks to Israel’s ongoing smear campaign and our willing and subservient government’s approval.

Some interesting articles have popped up as of late.  Apparently, Israeli scientists (go figure!) have announced that they have found proof that their race is the superior one.  Now where have we heard THAT line before?  That and the various comments and statements posted over the years by Israeli statesmen DECLARING the superiority of the Jewish state and people over all other nations, referring to them as “goy” and other associated vermin who owe their existence to Jews and are merely livestock to be herded and slaughtered.

This blog is one place where the truth will not be stifled.  YouTube and others can practice their type of ‘democracy’ with their support of the homosexual agenda and Zionism, however, this is MY forum to ensure that the other side of the story gets told.  I’ve had it with these literary terrorists taking over and stifling free speech.  It behooves us all to have our own platform as things continue to deteriorate in the realm of the media and communication.  All that will be allowed will be pro-establishment dogma, which is pretty much what there is now.  People do not seem interested in fighting this takeover, so we’re forced to resort to other measures.

I can see the day when all sources of truth will be driven underground, with basement presses printing out flyers and even the posting of bills on utility poles and backs of trucks.  Think it couldn’t come to that?  Just wait!  Better yet, exercise your speech while it’s still possible!

One thing… YouTube and Liveleak are nothing more than just training grounds for trolls and shills, they do not offer much in the way of true education.  They are, however, good gauges as to the sentiment that prevails with the public.  That sentiment seems to be with the pro-Zionist forces, judging from the amount of hatred levelled at Muslims, Christians, heterosexuals and Caucasians, particularly males.  These are all things that Zionism hates and works toward annihilating.

The truth is that Zionism is the FOREMOST threat to world peace and this needs to be understood and communicated to everyone that can still think independently of the corporate-owned and controlled media , themselves Zionist puppets.  The “useful idiots” that comprise the media are merely the tools that Zionism uses to train their herd of compliant sheep – the general public.  Unless you’re content to be just another herd animal in the Zionist paddock, you’d better start educating yourself as to the true nature of this beast they call Judaism.

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