Social Services – The “SS” of The New World Order

You hear cases like the scenario purported here, every day, in North America.  Now, granted that there is some pretty bizarre and far-fetched stuff on this linked website, I can personally vouch for it’s truthfulness in what is said about the whack-job social services Canada employs.  It happened to members of my family and it CAN happen to you!

Several plane trips and a lot of time and money went into battling these fanatics.  The result was an SS underling/patsy/sacrificial lamb lost his job (his bitch/dyke supervisor cut her losses) when he realized what an evil department he worked for and developed a conscience, which any successful career-minded SS hopeful had not better have or lose fast!

They tried the abuse rap angle and nearly drove their victim insane with their gross stupidity and criminality.  Departmental heads in the SS are especially conniving, their jobs being merely appointments and have nothing to do with any ability or intelligence on their part.  Governments today are run on political correctness and have no resemblance to any form of democracy.  Fascist elements comprise and control the various political elements within government.  Anyone exercising  electoral ‘privileges’ are wasting their time.  Elections are planned and settled without input from the public, voting is just an exercise for the ignorant to make them feel they have some measure of control over events they actually do not.

There are some good points to remember that are outlined in this article, however, the primary lesson to learn is that you cannot trust your neighbors, any longer.  They are brainwashed into thinking that the government knows best and will not hesitate to rat you out, especially when they learn that it’s a nifty way to get revenge if they do not happen to like you.  Never take for granted that being honest with authorities will get you any special points or consideration, they do not deal in honesty or integrity.  There are other things to consider in this story; elitist ties to government, child trafficking and slavery rings that profit from fronts like the SS.  Ever see all those faces of kids on trucks traveling across the country?  Criminal rings like those discussed are responsible for many of those disappearances.  I personally met one dedicated and grieving mother in her search for her lost son.  She has hope even yet in the system… didn’t have the heart to inform her that her son was likely already dead or a slave in some foreign homosexual’s house or palace.

It’s a savage world we live in.  It will be until it’s put down like the rabid animal it resembles.  Your kids are YOUR responsibility, not some corporate entity’s.  If something like this should ever happen to any of you, don’t take these crazies on alone!  Shine as much publicity on these vermin as possible, vermin HATE the daylight.  Governments hate being made accountable for anything and the only way they can be assured of not being held responsible is to keep things covered up and secret.  Turning any rock over and watch the vermin concealed beneath scramble to get back under it!

Our strength is in numbers and they know this, which is why they are always seeking to divide us!

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