Ontario – Off Limits To Perverts!

No-dyke Zone!


Or so it will be when the politically correct citizens get off their complacent asses and tell this self-centered dyke/bitch Kathleen Wynne, their pseudo-premier, to take her freak show elsewhere but the classrooms of Ontario public schools!

My last post on this subject dealt with the insidious encroachment the deviant LGBT mafia are making on the educational system of Ontario, and it’s heavy-handed ways of dealing with opposition.  Now is the time to put these perverts in their place, which is back in their ‘closets’, basements, back alleys, and other dingy and dark cesspools that these kind frequent and originate from.

Wynne exhibits nothing new in terms of the militant attitude that sexual deviants display whenever they encounter any opposition to their specious lifestyle.  Self-centered and egotistical, they are now seeking to contaminate our nation’s youth and have made major inroads into the public psyche, gaining an inordinate amount of support from the public and with government stooges.  Nowadays, it is considered politically correct to support evil and there is nothing more evil than homosexualism.

There is a public protest planned for Tuesday, April 14th from 10am til noon. One will be at Queen’s Park in Toronto and several thousand are expected. The other will be in London at Victoria Park; it is also expected to be large.  Anyone travelling in that vicinity or are interested in supporting freedom of expression and thought can attend and let these immoral Nazis know that they are not going to be allowed to steamroll over everyone else whenever they get the whim to do so!

When it’s time for an election, make your vote count and get rid of all of the deviants occupying public posts.  Rest assured that the ONLY reason that they are in those jobs is to help promote their deviant lifestyle, it ISN’T to stand in representation of you the taxpayer!

For more on this, read here.  The time to act is NOW, not after your kid comes home and informs you that he may have been born in the wrong body!

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