Beware The “Gaystapo”!


While definitely not the latest scourge to pollute society, the deviant left are certainly the most putrid example of fallen humanity there is.  Morally bereft and conscienceless, these creeps are using their newfound status as “beautiful people” to run roughshod over religion and heterosexuals, over anyone that they perceive as a threat.  Known for being among the most vindictive among society, homosexuals stop at nothing when it comes to punishing those they hate.  These are the worst “haters” in society, ironic when they, themselves, are singled out by God as being a curse upon decent society!

We’ve dealt with these lunatics on this blog, before.  It’s enough to say that they are a leprous influence upon humanity and should be shunned by all.  Unfortunately, in a world gone stupid with political correctness, they have many sympathizers.  Politically correct dullards and morons that are themselves despised by these freaks.  Perhaps it’s just a matter of flooding the media with an appropriate amount of truth exposing the REAL character of these scum… though I’m open to ‘other’ suggestions, too!

More info here…

Anyone interested in preserving decent society should start up their own blog and write against the freak left, shun them publically, refuse their business, etc.  Even if it isn’t prudent from a legal standpoint to refuse them business, (why should you pay or go to jail for these bozos?) don’t hesitate to overcharge or otherwise deprive them of equal consideration and/or decent work that you would rightly give to a real human being.  There are many ways to get the message across.  Probably the best way is NOT attend their filthy “gay pride” parades.  Homosexuals love attention, it’s one of the reasons they do the things that they do.  They are always the loudest ones in any coffee shop or restaurant, it’s all about THEM as far as they see it.  LOUD clothing, LOUD colors, LOUD mouths… it’s ALL about them!

Never let them shut you down.  If you blog, always have a backup blog ready to open on another account and/or different blog host.  Blog hosts and web domains are more than willing to cater to the whims of these deviants, so be ready in case they try and shut you down.  This writer has a lot of experience in that department!  If nothing else, post bills on boards, poles and trucks!  One thing to remember, especially when dealing with sexually immoral and stunted groups is that there is NO free speech… that is a myth!  That is why the most informative information sources are mostly underground, having been driven there by those that hate freedom and their dupes in the media.  One thing that isn’t a myth is that they cannot shut us ALL down, but, they’ll still try.

God will deal with these impure aberrations of nature in due time.  You won’t want to be standing anywhere near any of them when that happens!


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