Don’t Be A Patsy!

I wouldn’t advise getting too close to homosexuals, though I understand the intent behind this video.  The easiest thing to remember is not to trust authority too much, they are dupes, themselves.

Get your heads out of your asses, folks, “Big Brother” isn’t a brother at all.  The internet, crazy as it might seem at times, is your best friend… for now, anyway.  Shills abound and trolls lurk everywhere, seeking whom they may devour.  The world wide web is the only place to find truth, nowadays.  You might have to leave your precious comfort zone and move your lazy ass to sort through the maze of information, however, that is the price for liberty, always has been and always will be.  Like it or not, YOU are in this up to your eyeballs.  The ostrich-thing doesn’t work.

Stay tuned… the elitists are sure to provide us with more false flags in the near future… possibly coming to a ‘theatre’ near you!

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