Teacher Disciplined For Moral Behavior

Teacher wants dick

Not this one, obviously!

I guess kids can’t be kids, anymore, judging from the curricula our ‘glorious’ publick (no misspelling) school system pushes, nowadays.  The sexual deviants influencing/comprising the Ontario Board of Education are either too perverse or simply too stupid to realize what they are being duped into implementing. Read here.

“Genderbread Man”?  LMAO!  Sorry, readers, incredulity simply gets the best of me at times.  The mind of the politically correct is truly fascinating.  How does one get so deluded?  Well, as is intimated in the article, people are scared of what their corrupt politicians and law enforcement will do to them if they don’t play along, while those, themselves, are scared of losing their jobs.  Such is the power of the Zionist Khazarian’s that have captured the consciences of the world and are controlling them like puppets.

In my many ‘debates’ with anti-theists, over the years, many of those being homosexuals whom violently hate God because they know He will destroy them in the end days, these arrogantly presume that their secular society is superior in every way to that which is ordained by the Creator.  These idiots truly believe the garbage that evolution teaches, which has naturally ‘evolved’ into the perverse and corrupt society that we now have.  Indeed, if evolution WERE true, I could find no real issue with the existence of all of the violence and decadence in the world, other than it makes a very unpleasant world to live in.   Nevertheless, there would be no moral argument for something that is amoral or simply a result of abiogenesis and random progression… or perhaps regression.

Unfortunately, for the anti-theists, things aren’t that way!  This universe did not spawn from chance and random processes, it is the result of intelligent forethought and design.  There is no accountability toward any creator in a universe that simply pops into existence on it’s own, but, there is in this one. The ungodly presume upon a lot of things and are becoming quite bold as evidenced here with this article.

Perverts simply think that they can take over now that they have been afforded some leeway by duped and politically correct politicians that are less interested in them than maintaining their political office.  Hope has morphed into arrogance with these deviants and the time has come to make them accountable and force them to remember their retrograde status.

For instance, the other day, a relative of mine had a faggot enter his yard and attempt to strike up a conversation with his kids.  The pervert was sent packing – no retribution has followed… yet.  Still, this shows the brazenness of these freaks and they frequently attack through litigation anyone that dares correct them.  They know the law plays favorites and is not impartial.  Right now, they are the darlings of society, according to popularized opinion, and they exploit that fact to the uttermost.

Due to the extreme circumstances foisted upon us by unthinking dupes in authority, it has become necessary to implement drastic measures in controlling this retrograde behavior.  I have suggested various means in controlling these public menaces, among those boycotting any businesses these deviants might have (though most are simply welfare cases living off of society) and not fraternizing with them needlessly.  They are NOT your moral equals, they are condemned by God.  Some, indeed, may be ignorant, brainwashed by their GLBT mafia masters.  If they won’t be corrected, leave them to their fate.  Unless they threaten you physically, however, do not lay a hand upon them!  That’s all they need to have you fined or jailed or both.  They are only too willing to drag you into court, seizing any opportunity to humiliate you and steal your money, being naturally too lazy to go and find honest work when they can steal it from others with little or no effort.

Many go looking for a fight in order to exact some form of insane revenge upon society for treating them the way they deserve to be treated. It is rapidly shaping up to be the world that is described in scripture for that which will be in the last days.

Men hate the truth and love lies.  People are always ready to listen to someone that will soothe any feelings of guilt they may have from doing what they want, though it might not be in accordance with what their Creator expects from them.  Fags are in such a class.  Slaves to their passions, the last thing that they wish to hear is any rebuke toward their lusts.  This is why faggots are among the most profane against religion and God, the two naturally diametrically opposed to the evil that they do.

Stay away from homosexuals, refuse their society and anything to do with them!  They are train wreck waiting to happen and you don’t want to be anywhere near that when it happens!

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