“Stalingrad”… Nobody’s Learned A Thing!

Final clip from the movie…

What is of interest is in the comments:

” I was lead to believe that they were all bad like the Nazi’s, but after actually educating myself and seeing this film for the first time, i can honestly see now, that the majority of the Wehrmacht were just ordinary soldiers who fought for their country and suffered deaths out in the cold Russian wilderness like this, all because of a fucking evil lunatic called Hitler.”

“You’re on the right track, buddy. Russians are subuman and don’t suffer the way civilized Europeans do during the time of battle. Death for most Russians is way easier than life.”

“Evil lunatics is too easy. Whenever power is concentrated in one or few, the little people will suffer. The nicer guys on top in US and the Britain etc…… all took what they could or lost what they had to each other. Britain lost all its colonies. This is good. The US took them.”

After all this time and countless exposés throughout history, people still focus on those puppets directly in front of them, never for one moment thinking that there might be higher-up’s pulling their strings.  It’s too complicated for their tiny minds to consider that the issue just might be more complex, involving people behind the media smokescreen.  It’s easy to blame Hitler for something that the ZIONIST BANKERS and complicit AMERICAN AND GERMAN BANKERS AND IINDUSTRIALISTS cooked up in order to further a totalitarian agenda, an agenda that is still being pursued!

This is why events like 9/11 are so easy to pull off.  The public simply refuses to use their brains, anymore, preferring to be spoon-fed the news and not wishing to expend any effort that might tax their attention on comparatively trivial matters.  They laugh and joke about their politicians, yet they all turn out without fail to participate in elections that they have already condemned.  Such is the level of stupidity in society.

It will never change.  People will always seek the easy way out and will never rise above the predicament they now find themselves in, sheep for rich international bankers and other moguls that have determined the course for this planet and it’s people.  It’s tiring and frustrating being surrounded daily by fools, but, until the Lord returns to set up His eternal kingdom, this is the way it’s going to be.

People will continue to rant and rail against the puppet figureheads that the Illuminati has set up in front of them, never realizing these marionettes really have no power or say to do anything to change what the oligarchy has determined for policy.  In the meantime, the powers that be will continue to do what it is they have always done… fuck up the world.

I won’t invest the energy I used to in grieving for a society of dumbasses.  I witness to those that will hear and the rest can remain in the predicament they are in.  There’s no martyr complex within THIS writer, I do what I can and that’s it!  I’ve watched too many decent people go down in flames because of stupid sheep not backing them… no, sireee, not THIS cowboy!  If society wants to be slaves, that’s their choice.  Let the homosexuals and feminists and socialist left-wing nutcases run roughshod over them, I can’t shed any tears for fools not willing to help themselves.

The Highwayman has been waging war on the new world order going on 12 years, now, through various mediums.  One thing that I have noticed is a greater awareness of the dealings of elitists, BUT, there is not the progress there that there should be.  People are still far too complacent.  Of course, were it all dependent upon the efforts of man, well, we could all lay down our weapons right now and just give up, it will never be within the power of a stupefied public to resist the machinations of the Illuminati.  They have all the guns and the soldiers, now.

Nevertheless, the show must go on, as they say.  There are people that are just now learning truth and they need to be fed.  Those that have refused to believe the truth can now be written off, they have chosen their masters.  Let those that are filthy be filthy still.  Time is too short and too precious to waste on morons.  Step over and around them and learn the truth about our dying planet.  It’s finished.

I’m looking forward to seeing the looks on those arrogant anti-theists’, homosexuals’, feminists’ faces when they see Him Whom they have ridiculed and denounced pronounce sentence upon them in the last days.  Their smugness will disappear and be replaced with terror as they realize that it was all true… and they frittered away the many chances that they had because it would have been too great a price to let go of darling ego and pay homage to Him Who is responsible for them being alive at all.

Too bad, so sad… well, those are the breaks!


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