Time For Change

Lot’s of times I get grilled by deviants (homosexuals) about why I’m down on them and their horrific vice.  “What harm are WE doing to you heterosexuals?”, they whine!  As if it weren’t already obvious in terms of the health risks, they are also actively pursuing CHILDREN in public schools… see here.

One of the tell-tale signs that a society is on the skids is by it’s predilection for vice.  Homosexuals dominated the ancient Roman and Greek societies and we all know that this helped in their eventual demise.  When you have a group of effeminate, unhealthy, lethargic and stupefied individuals, these are very easily subdued by other stronger armies.  This is why these once great empires (before the vices) fell to ‘pagan’ hordes so easily.


You’ve seen them.  Sickly, effeminate mannerisms, girlish talk, spotted at hours of the day when all others are usually working.  Many deviants are on social assistance, either due to health reasons or simply being too lazy to actually work for a living when it’s convenient to cry and whine about being persecuted and defamed.  Their cult of elitist deviancy has influence second only to the rabid Zionist “anti-Semite” movement that has the power to silence any and all opposition they deem bigoted and “hateful”.  Both of these groups are parasitical by nature, siphoning off the lifeblood of society while contributing nothing in return.

Oh, for the days when these two entities were relegated to the substrata of society that they truly belong in, out of sight and with no influence.  Blame those politically correct and ambitious, bleeding-heart do-gooders that just have to play the righteous crusader in the ‘rights’ of those that deserve no recognition.  Elevating and promoting a segment of humanity that resembles a carcinogenic tumor is not progress.  It is a retrograde act of a deteriorating society not long for the world.

Deviants, sexual and moral, control the society we live in.  Their sneering and mocking voices are heard in every “pride” parade and their vicious trolls occupy nearly every public forum on the Internet.  They are free to attack religion and use all manner of disparaging remarks to defame Christianity and they are never taken down or banned.  This writer, while only criticizing their aberrant lifestyles and their pernicious effect on society, has been banned no less than three times from YouTube an kicked off of numerous other forums because these butt-hurt little creeps felt offended.  It wasn’t like I uttered death threats against them – though they have often threatened me and others!

Homosexuality is a disease society needs to purge.  That is unlikely, given the control the Illuminati has over our politically correct governments and media.  It’s up to us normal, law-abiding folk to resist these deviants and their elitist masters.  Don’t kowtow to them or support their dirty lifestyle, don’t show up at their gross “pride” functions where the law allows them to parade naked down the street in full view of kids.  Such activity would get anyone else arrested, but, these freaks own the law and the media and can get away with pretty much anything they set their corrupt minds to do.

It isn’t necessary to lay a hand on them.  Just denying them their stage and letting time work on their diseased bodies will soon cull these deviants from our midst, at least back to manageable levels.  Their own lifestyle is their greatest enemy, it is self-destructive from every angle.  Statistics show that they die younger and are involved in more domestic violence than any other group.  When one continually violates the laws of nature, what else can be expected?  Politically correct morons assume that progress is reflected with these liberal attitudes.  Quite the contrary!  History will pinpoint the exact time that society started to degrade and that will coincide with the time we granted these lice free reign over our societal moral underpinnings.

God will deal with these vermin.  Nevertheless, we are not required to suffer their impudence silently, nor are we required to participate in their sick rituals.  Deprive these vain creatures the stage that they require and they will soon disappear and be driven back under the rocks they slithered out from under.  (Ephesians 5:5,6 & 7)


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