Society Reflected In Our Streets

Periodically, I like to diverge onto a favorite subject of mine, which are the ugly-assed vehicles that the new world order prescribes to us for transportation.  I’ve blogged on this subject many times, over the years, and will continue to do so in order to educate the public and hopefully steer some aspiring future engineer/car designer off this present course of self-disparaging ruin… I mean, just LOOK at these ‘things’…

Crap Car

LOL!  This is supposed to be one of these…

Land Rover

THIS is a Land Rover!  THIS has some character to it.  The vehicles of today are featureless, characterless, misshapen monstrosities that are so ugly that people do not mind trading them off every year (for something just as ugly or worse) and do not form any emotional attachment to them, unlike the vehicles of yesteryear when one would keep a vehicle for several years, even decades.  Of course, the quality was there, too, unlike with today’s throwaway junk that there is no incentive toward doing so.

The vehicles of today reflect the sterile, lifeless and unimaginative lifestyles forced upon us by the self-proclaimed ‘elite’.  They want featureless slaves devoid of personality, realizing that our modes of transport portray ourselves like few other things.  What better way to chisel away at the moral underpinnings of society than to reduce those things which define us to mere insignificance?

Our roads are clogged with these crappy monstrosities and it’s small wonder there is so much road rage when people are forced to behold these ugly boxes darting all over the place.  When one sees a fine old vintage car coming up in their rear-view mirror, there is not the tendency toward revulsion or even hate that seeing one of these bug-eyed freaks generates.  Our natural revulsion for bugs and other things creepy tells us that these things are deserving of malevolence.

Were it possible to go back to the days when cars were looked upon as works of art and were engineers not brainwashed into turning out these unimaginative and dead hulks on their drawing boards, it might be possible that society would improve.  That and the stranglehold that the priests of mammon have upon us as debt slaves, this world would definitely see an improvement, morally and economically.

That, of course, will never happen.  This world’s course is set.  In the end, all of this junk and those that spawn it will see their end in the flames of perdition.  The best part will be the destruction of the money-mongers and their god.  Glorious day!  Justice would be burying these bastards in their own creations!


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