The Sodomite Problem

“You can brainwash whomever you want… sooner or later, they will come to the truth…”

*WARNING…nauseatingly explicit material to follow!

Amazing how blinded people can become!  The priest at the beginning of this video, supposedly a minister of Christ, preaches the dogma of Satan without so much as blinking.  The ugly, sweating bodies of perverts dancing in the streets with impunity… this is undoubtedly what the Bible had to say about the last days and how every manner of perversion and filthy unclean practice would be deemed as holy and acceptable.  Convenient, too, how perverts rewrote the Bible to suit their own perverse ways.  How can one simply ignore the truth and think to change it by simply reading what you want to read in something, ignoring reality?  This is delusional thinking and a definite sign of some form of psychosis.

The homosexuals enjoy a disproportionate amount of favor from judicial and governmental bodies and are quick to utilize these in their persecution of heterosexuals, particularly Christian and other faiths opposed to their filthy lifestyle.  Sad, that ordinary people, most certainly those that are duped into thinking that faggots are only interested in being ‘equal’, fight on behalf of these noxious creeps.  These suckers are the faggot’s most potent weapon in their agenda for wiping out religion and it’s template for a healthy and prosperous economy and society.

Interesting, too, how the narrator says that the perverts unconsciously understand that what they do is wrong.  What level of denial is necessary to continue in something that can only end with your own destruction?  The supreme selfishness required to expose those that they claim to love to the same fate, such as with the children they kidnap and hold hostage, calling it a ‘family’?  Even the children instinctively know what is happening is wrong… and the stats prove that homosexual unions are not healthy and usually result in dysfunctional kids.

It was very difficult sitting through this video, seeing what is so very obvious, knowing there are those that simply cannot or will not see how this disease is spreading throughout the world.  Stomach-turning ‘marriages’ between deviants and their willing accomplices makes one sick to their very soul, seeing how the enemies of God are getting away with the garbage that they espouse… for now.  They can rewrite scripture all they want, the fate of those two ancient cities will be revisited upon these willing cohorts of Satan.  Both they and he will meet the same fiery fate that those ancient perverts received at the hands of a God that will not long be trifled with.

The problem is widespread… and getting worse…

This scene plays out every day and shows the TRUE nature of homosexualism.  Don’t be complacent!  You have gay neighbors?  Be watchful… don’t get too near to them, ESPECIALLY your kids!  God will deal with them in the end.

*More reading on this subject here.


2 responses to “The Sodomite Problem

  1. Keep up the good work my friend… sorry I have to pass on the video though, I already have too much nauseating stuff to deal with!

    • I know you do. There is no shortage of nauseating things out there in the New World Disorder.

      These deviants are merely dupes in a far larger scheme of things. Even if they were suddenly made aware of this fact, I doubt very much that they would change their ways. The sexual side of humanity does not tolerate logical thinking very well.

      The Illuminati knows so well where our weak points are.

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