Deviancy The New Morality


Sason Bear Bergman is a transgender activist looking to indoctrinate school kids in the awareness and lifestyle of homosexuals, hoping to “make them like (accept) us”.  This, of course, despite whatever their parents’ religious views and preferences as to what their kids are exposed to might happen to be.  In the world of the faggot, there is only one point of view worth considering – theirs.

This, of course, is nothing new.  In my many dealings with the fascist left, I’ve often encountered this Nazi-type attitude among these deviants, especially among politically correct heterosexuals that have taken up the cause of these sick and deluded individuals and have become their spokesmen and defenders.

The purpose of this post is not to debate the origin of homosexual behavior, whether learned or genetic.  What is the issue is what right does a minority in any democracy have over the rights of the majority?  These deviants have asserted their ‘rights’ over and above everyone else’s.  Much like the Jewish question, (this ‘guy’ happens to be BOTH) here we have a visible minority calling the shots over everyone else’s rights and preferences, even to the point of coercion with the help of the judicial system.

After much study, this writer has concluded that there are certain genetic dispositions every person is born with that could be augmented by environmental and societal influences.  That is not to say that we are entitled to ACT upon those inclinations, the structure of our society demands that people curb certain unnatural acts, such as sexual deviancy, criminal behaviorisms, etc.  A person may be inclined toward murder or thievery, that is not license to commit those acts.

The Illuminati has indicated that one of the ways that they will institute their global government is to destroy the sovereignty of all nations through erosion of their culture and religious beliefs – these being the underpinnings of their society and moral development.  Homosexuals are predominantly atheistic, the radical factions even more anti-theistic.  Atheism, of course, is one of the ways that the globalists are turning mankind away from the fact that we are created beings, subservient to an omnipotent creator.  Evolution, humanism, Abiogenesis, etc., are simply attempts to explain away God and place the wisdom of men on the throne of heaven.  Remember, it all started with Cain bringing HIS idea of an acceptable offering to God and not the one that God specified.  (Genesis 4)  He would argue with God… has anything changed, in that regard?

Men, today, argue with and defy God at every turn.  Homosexuals declare their lifestyle wholesome and natural, despite what the Bible says about it.  They have declared themselves gods by their attitude.  This is the highest form of idolatry.

Whatever these Cainites determine for themselves, it doesn’t give them the right to dictate terms to the rest of us, which is what they are doing and with the blessing of time-serving politicians and crooked judges.  It’s time to resist these bigots and let them know that they aren’t the master race and drive them back into their respective “closets”.

*For more on this story, read here.  Also here.


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