Dumbasses On The Go

Because I happen to make my primary living on the road, these types of videos always inspire me to illustrate just how successful the Illuminati pagan banking cartel have been in dumbing down society, reducing us to non-thinking, self-serving automatons concerned only with surviving each day, even at the expense of others.

I thought I might include a few comments made by YouTuber’s that clearly show that most are aware of this fact and it’s universality…

“If you have a good winter tires and you know how to drive, you can drive fast on snow and ice.
Greetings from Finland.”

“lol shut up and stop talking out of your ass I do 140km+ (87mph for you muricans) for 1 1/2 hours on a snowy highway to get to work and back home everyday. I haven’t lost the tiniest bit of control.”

” I don’t doubt it, But I have good car control (I take part in x-races) so I’m not worried ;l”

That last 2 comments, though undoubtedly a troll, shows the mentality of many that are out there.  It could never happen to them.  I suppose this last story about sums up my case.  As a long-time driver I can safely say that the roads are no longer safe as each succeeding generation of drivers are increasingly less skilled and… well, there’s no avoiding the facts… increasingly stupid.  People’s I.Q.’s are definitely lower, these days, and common sense is a thing of the past.  Socialist programming in schools along with deficient curriculums are taking their toll.

The Bible says that in the last days people would primarily be lovers of themselves, vain, disrespectful, etc.  This is no more apparent than on our highways.  Ours is a generation of misfits and selfish entitlement crybabies.  Everything has to happen for us IMMEDIATELY, amply reflected in our travel habits.  No matter the weather, there are morons out there that expect that they can drive however they wish and to hell with everyone else.

This society is perched upon the precipice.  Any significant conflagration, now, either societal or natural, would totally upset the precarious structure our civilization is based upon.  It is toward these ends that the self-proclaimed “elite” are working, designing that we shall always remain their slaves and chattel.


I rest my case.



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