Sylvia Stolz – Heroine!

Thank God there are still people in the world that are not afraid to tell it like it is…

Of course, the Zionist ratfinks are always on hand to try and destroy the truth…

These vermin have such a stranglehold on western society that it seems we are indistinguishable from them in terms of our beliefs and politics.  Our so-called “protestant Christian” ministers are so into Israel and it’s self-proclaimed “chosen ones” status, (the Bible does not verify this at all) they might as well all of them convert to Judaism and be done with it.  The two ideologies have absolutely nothing in common with one another and are as far apart as heaven and hell.

Every year, the west sends billions of dollars in aid (mostly military) to prop up Israel so that it can continue to oppress it’s Muslim neighbors, aid which, without, Israel would have succumbed to it’s many enemies long before now.

To speak out against Zionism invites censure and immediate vilification.  Our time-serving, stupid politicians are all well versed in pro-Israel rhetoric and propaganda and no politician looking to succeed will do anything outside of the parameters the Zionist elite set.  We the people should be more intelligent and not allow these fat cats to dictate how we think or speak.  Ms. Stolz is a true heroine and she should be watched and protected as it is a sure bet these racist bastards will try and make an example of her in some way.  Never underestimate the inhumanity of a Zionist, they are really demons in human form.

They can’t silence us all… they will always have to be looking over their shoulders for the atrocities that THEY inflict upon humanity… and God will judge them accordingly.


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