Ontario’s Homosexual ‘King’ Pushes For Sexually Deviant New Sex-Ed Program

Kathleen Wynne

Kathleen Wynne

Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, open and avowed lesbian and mother of three is pushing for radical changes to the province’s sexual education program… read this article.

It is notable from this that her son has now claimed to have “come out” and this writer finds this interesting as this “coming out” seems directly connected to the actions (not genes) of his mother and as a result of his disappointment in the breaking up of his parents and the family unit.

I have often argued against the idea that this form of sexual deviancy is merely a matter of choice, an argument convincingly sustained by this particular case. In order to find some sort of closure to what he sees as a disaster,  Chris Cowperthwaite has capitulated to an idea and is not an example of genetic programming, only social.  The radical GLBT movement is brainwashing and bullying society into believing that homosexuality is normal and hereditary, even inferring that it is a sign of superior development.

Of course, being merely another tool of the Illuminati in it’s agenda toward the destruction of the traditional family unit, homosexuality, along with feminism, seeks only to alienate men from women – dividing and conquering, so to speak – and provide a base for training up a brand new crop of sexual deviants from emotionally distraught children.

It’s time that society woke up and smelled the coffee.  It’s a brew of discontent and destruction with the aim of facilitating a new world disorder of slavery to a self-professed “elite” aspiring to rule the entire planet.  In order for this insane idea to come to fruition, the most stable elements of society, such as the family unit, religion, must be destroyed. Deviancy is NOT normal behavior.  It is Satan’s way of destroying the image of God in mankind by transforming God’s creation into mere brutes incapable of rational thought and only driven to satisfy their most urgent and basest cravings.

While this old world is certainly on it’s final lap toward destruction, nevertheless, it behooves us all to oppose those that seek it’s ruin and preserve more souls for Christ and the world that is to come.

*Additional reading: http://www.p-first.com/

*Sign the petition: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/stop-graphic-revisions-to-ontarios-sex-education-curriculum/sign.html


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