Why The ISIS Beheadings Are Bullshit

In fact, ALL of the so-called “terrorist” acts are bullshit. Sandy Hook, Boston, Oklahoma City, 9/11, etc., etc., ALL bullshit designed to inflame within the populace a desire for retribution. More and more people are beginning to catch on to these blatant lies, but, there are still too many ignorant sheep out there willing to defend and support a corrupt government in IT’S terrorist acts.

The mainstream media are paid to misinform.  Politicians are paid to lie to the people.  Law enforcement are paid to protect the interests of the bastard bankers.  Scientists are paid to inculcate the idea that God is dead and that humanity are nothing more than evolved apes, mere animals unworthy of any special consideration, therefore easily enslaved, killed, what have you.

There are a lot of individuals out there that have devoted tons of money and their time to obtain an education, and they only wasted their time.  There are many soldiers serving and have died that have devoted their youth and sacrificed their lives to serving corrupt bankers and helping them obtain even more wealth than they already control.



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