So There Is No Homosexual Agenda, Eh?


New Age ‘Family’

I get this all the time, on every online forum, from gays and their ignorant supporters.  These dupes are simply puppets in the hands of socialist forces determined to undermine society by striking directly at the roots… our youth…

See this article.

The abomination that is rapidly gaining world-wide acceptance has brainwashed the public through the incessant bombardment of political correctness, vilifying all who don’t comply with these new social standards.  This perverted bitch has wheedled herself into a position of authority for the primary purpose of using her authority and influence to promote homosexualism and promiscuity.  This not something new, deviants have long been pushing for lowering the age for consent.  This is to facilitate their filthy desire to more readily gain access to kids, especially online.  An example of this and how long this has been going on can be found in this video, where a confirmed sexual predator admits that he would like age limits lowered and is lobbying toward that end.  His attitude is quite prevalent with homosexuals.

There is no question that homosexualism is an aberrant psychological disorder, though it’s proponents would love to have us think otherwise.  It should be understood that these deviants have an extremely powerful lobby not unlike that one which promotes and supports Zionism, certainly as specious and evil as the former.  Anyone attempting to speak out against homosexualism can expect attack and censure.  This is, of course, a time-proven way to expose the true nature of any ideology or movement, by the way that they respond to criticism or question.  Homosexuals are by nature self-centered and vain.  The Bible condemns the practice and provides examples of what can be expected when these profligates are allowed to flourish in society.

The example of Sodom and Gomorrah, two ancient cities that were controlled and populated by sexual predators (homosexuals) were notable for their abusive treatment of anyone visiting them, particularly after dark.  Crowds of deviants would stalk the streets looking for victims to which to ply their filthy desires.  Prisons, today, are full of deviants that use the threat of buggery to gain control over others.

The bottom line is that society is allowing a great evil to invade it’s sanctity and will soon see the results for allowing this infection to gain a foothold.  Expect the levels of child rape and pornography to rise steadily if insane witches like Wynne and her filthy cohorts are allowed to run things.  This perverted hag should be voted out of office as soon as possible!

* Contact information is available in Makow’s article.


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