A Tale of Two Faggots

Two Faggots

Beavis and Butthead

Cofounder and board member of the deranged homosexual “Human Rights Committee”, Terry Bean, is charged with sodomy and sexual abuse of a 15 year-old boy… read story here.

Not surprising that a confirmed homosexual like Barack Obama would accept campaign money from a deviant like Bean, seeing as how “Michelle” Obama’s “wife” is really Michael, a crossdressing freak.  True to homosexual nature, Bean and his weirdo ‘wife’ do what comes natural to a sick mind, having stalked and hunted down their victim online.  This perverse piece of shit dares to cry foul against decent, normal folk trying to preserve the rights of Americans to live in accordance with the mandate provided by God for a healthy and successful society.

Small wonder at what this guy has done when other perverts openly lobby for the removal of ALL of the rights of children, so that they can move in on them like the antisocial vampires that they are.  Like Geoffrey Leonard, Bean is hoping that one day it will be open season on young boys and he and his anus-stuffing buddies can satiate their base passions upon them.

Homosexuality is not something that anyone is born with, it is a deliberate act of will, usually by individuals with a dysfunctional background.  The Bible condemns it as a deadly vice and pronounces death for anyone that is caught in the act.  That’s bad news for a society that is becoming more and more lenient with perverts and their destructive lifestyles.



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