Moral Decadence – The Reward for Apathy

For a little background, do read this article… “Fifty Shades of Satanism”

Now, from my own perspective, the world must and is going to be brought to the point where society as a whole comes to the realization that it cannot continue on in it’s downhill slide and expect to survive.  No matter what the sexually “liberated” tell us, the current state of affairs will not produce an enlightened or healthy society.

16th Century France went through it’s period of anarchy, where the motto “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”  reigned supreme.  A good many aristocratic heads rolled in the age of the guillotine, as madness gradually replaced reason as the fine laws of nature were violated over and over by a debauch people.  It’s readily apparent that society has learned nothing from the mistakes of the past as the new age version of the cult of reason is steadily being pushed by ultra-liberal factions.

Many specious theories have arisen that seek to destroy man’s spiritual connection with his maker.  The most pernicious to date is the theory of abiogenesis and evolution, an insane idea that life somehow generated itself from nothingness and ‘naturally’ tends toward higher states of being.  The advantage to having God out of one’s life allows the individual a free pass to do whatever they wish to do in the knowledge there can be no divine retribution.

The world of the evolutionist seems so simple, however, nature’s fixed laws cannot be broken with impunity.  Morality has it’s basis in the influence of divinity.  Without God’s restraining spirit in our lives, we are capable of any atrocity.  Here is a good example of what society is headed toward… and this is VERY graphic…


For background on this atrocity, read here.

This video was largely banned from public media, but, the internet is a vast and lawless wilderness.  I am naturally reluctant to glorify in any way the actions of the depraved individuals involved, however, if there can be any good come from this, let it show with no question what happens when moral restraints are absent and/or removed.  This is what any human being is capable of given the right environment and circumstances.  The Bible terms human nature as “filthy rags” and even our best behavior sadly lacking and evil.  This video would tend to confirm this.


Homosexuality is now becoming the accepted norm.  Humility is only for when you get caught.  Marriage, a joke, referring one again to the advance of profligate homosexual ‘marriages’.  Feminism destroys the male image and role in the household, forcing women to become wage slaves and eventually man-less old biddies in the competitive world of commerce.  Children are dumped in daycares while their “progressive” mothers go out and assume traditional male roles and jobs.

The truth is that God will not allow this course of events to destroy humanity altogether.  This world and it’s warped views is destined for destruction, but, not before there are some redeemed.  The mockers and scoffers have only a short time left to ply their idiocy before their pointless lives are taken, forever.

This is as it must be… for God has ordained it!


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