About False Flags and Such


The God of The “Elite”

The “New World Order” is what President G.H.W. Bush called the “big idea” he and his international cohorts have planned for the world’s people in the coming years, announcing this almost 10 years to the day before 9/11.  In order for this “big idea” to work, though, required the nations of the world to be brought to a state of fear and foreboding.  This would require more than just the off chance some terrorist extremist might strap a bomb to him/herself or hijack a plane, poison a water supply, etc.  They, the “elite”, would have to take matters into their own hands if their plans for a global oligarchy could ever be realized.

Despite the fact that the world is run by the Zionist Illuminati, rich and powerful businessmen and bankers, religious personages, aided by their lackeys in government and an increasingly apathetic public too concerned with the pursuit of pleasure to pay any mind to the fact that they have been enslaved in their own country, events had to be expedited if the plans of these sociopathic demons were to ever come to fruition.

False flags are incidents that are engineered to look like attacks from outside agencies, their primary purpose being to cause panic and garner the support of the public for their government to implement any action, covert or overt, it might wish to initiate.  They have been employed for thousands of years and are still very much a part of our society.  In ancient Rome, Nero set fire to his own city in order to foster hatred for Christians and justify his persecutions against the hated sect.  In Sarajevo, King Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated to foster hostilities between various countries leading up to the Great War.  The Gulf of Tonkin incident helped bring the United States into the war in Southeast Asia… and so on.

Here are a few more modern false flags anteceding 9/11, the latter being the flagship for the final great push toward a global oligarchy headed by Satan, himself…

  1. The 7/7 London Bombing, a false-flag attack.
  2. The March 11, 2004 Madrid train Bombing (known as the 11-M bombing).
  3. Boston black powder puffer bombing with no casualties but only prior amputee and fake victim “Crises Actors” used with stage blood packs opened and used used as “crisis actors.”
  4. Sandy Hoax. A FEMA/DHS Capstone Drill run by the first essential all synthetic DHS assembled community. It’s easy to produce fake, synthetic, virtual mass shooting when the whole community including the local police, firemen and State Police and Governor are in on it.
  5. The Chris Kyle murder and movie to distract and make 250 million. Was it an MK-Ultra dupe used or is there even a remote chance Kyle is still alive and his death was faked. Gordon Duff has stated he thinks he was becoming an embarrassment. For example he stated that he had shot numerous Katrina victims as a sniper in new Orleans, a comment which creates anger toward FEMA and he lied about “knocking” former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura out in a Navy Seal bar in California, and his testimony was collapsing. After his death, Jesse won a 1.75 Million dollar award against his estate for the lie.
  6. The False-flag in Argentina in which the OCC used the Mossad to murdered a prosecutor and then planted false evidence incorrectly linking the President of Argentina to this murder. All this done because President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina ordered all Israeli-Argentine Dual Citizens out of Argentina.
  7. Footballgate wherein the Patriots were caught using an under-inflated football which is easier to pass. the Superbowl is the culmination of a whole season of NFL Football which is a great American Sport and proven distraction for the masses, a contemporary “Bread and Circuses.”
  8. The buildup of ISIL/ISIS/Daish using OCC Cutouts like Senator McCain, and American Generals McInerney and Vallely and a large portion of the Bush Crime cabal controlled CIA and American, Israeli and Saudi mercenary forces. ISIL/ISIS/Daish is basically a construct of the Khazarian Neo-Bolshevik Mafia part of the OCC, you know, the current Likudist leaders of Israel.
  9. The Charlie Hebdo False-flag “mass-shooting” in Paris. Currently under investigation on the ground by VT. So far we have no conclusive results if there were actually any dead victims, except that the so-called shooting victim on the sidewalk was shot with blanks.
  10. The ISIL/ISIS/Daish beheadings of captured journalists and others. Currently under investigation by VT as to whether any were real. We already know some were filmed in Israeli with very state of the art video sets, use of green screens and very expensive video equipment. We also know that many of the ISIL wounded have been taken to Israel for treatment.
  11. The Disneyland Measles False-Flag which is a great distraction but also has the dual purpose of serving as a big manipulation to scare the American public into submitting their children to poisonous vaccines which also contain covert population and mind-kontrol  substances.
  12. Burngate, the apparent ISIS burning alive of a captures Lebanese Pilot. This is televised pure, primal terror at its best designed to scare the sh*t out of the masses and motivate them to support another ground war for the Israelis and the OCC to destroy Syria and Iran as independent nation-states.

False flags will continue to aid the oligarchs in their push to establish world-wide tyranny.  One of the drawbacks of creating nationwide apathy and indifference means that it takes more effort to motivate the citizenry to commit to your schemes.  We can only expect the frequency of so-called terror attacks and “crimes against humanity” to steadily increase as the end of days grows near.  Satan has but a short time to complete his plans to usurp God’s authority on earth.  His servants will stop at nothing to accomplish their master’s plan… even selling out their own kind in the vain hope an insane archangel will reward them for their blind allegiance.

*Kudos to Veterans Today for this comprehensive list and further study…   http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/02/08/the-dark-minds-of-the-911-conspirators/


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