It’s Too Late

Here’s a revealing article care of Dr. Makow…

The question is asked: Is it too late for the sheep to wake up?  I’m afraid so, yes, it is too late.  The brainwashing, while not complete, is thorough enough.  Most citizens of America are simply to deep into the new world order to extricate themselves.

With the desire for federal benefits outweighing any sense of independence, most citizens would rather live as kept animals than as free human beings.  We are simply too soft and too spoiled to even consider a life free from some sort of leash tied to our necks.

No, we want our comforts and long ago we traded independence for those comforts.  With the elitist-owned and operated media bombarding us with patriotic bullshit, 24/7, it’s simply impossible to escape it’s pernicious influence.

Of course, the new world order oligarchs will be destroyed and their world with them.  That, though, will be the work of God.  No human being could ever hope to singly take on this oligarchy and prevail.

That is why I blog… to bring this fact to the attention of my readers.  I, myself, nor can you, dear reader, can do anything to stop the new world order… but, we can educate people as to it’s existence and it’s agenda.



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