Barack (“Bathhouse Barry”) Obama Opens Floodgates of Impropriety Upon America

The homosexual “Obama” isn’t used to having to deal with citizens one-on-one, hence the impatient look. He should take solace in the fact that politicians no longer have to fear for their personal safety due to the phalanx of security that is interposed between themselves and the public in these modern times.

This, of course, makes it that much easier to get away with the criminal behavior that is rife in public office. This imposter (his citizenship is still under question) is the embodiment of fascism, overturning constitutional and moral principles in order to implement his banker bosses’ will. In what other time in history have we had both a non-citizen and a blatant homosexual occupying the highest visible office in the United States? This has to be the ultimate insult to both the American people AND God, the Iluminati placing this freak in power over the most powerful country on Earth!

What can be done in face of this tyranny?  Well, the answer is never going to be easy, now that things have been allowed to progress to the level that they have.  Unfortunately, ANY disease is better dealt with in it’s early stages.  The disease of fascism has now infected pretty much every corner of society.  Where political correctness has stymied free speech and “visible minorities” now include perverts and sexual deviants like “Obama”, there isn’t much that any one person can do without inviting a world of trouble down upon their head.  The masses have shut their eyes to the blatant injustice that infects the land, hoping that it will somehow disappear if they ignore it long enough.  Unfortunately, nature and fascism don’t work that way.

“Obama” may not be the final instrument in the collapse of the so-called free world, but, he’s doing a lot toward accomplishing that act.  Everything that supposedly stood for America has effectively been erased by his presence alone.  Having a practicing faggot and crossdresser (“Michelle”) in the White House negates every moral principle that America has professed to championing.  The downhill slide has begun.  America will soon join the Roman empire in obscurity, with the wholesale invasion of alien hordes and perverse lifestyles, all sanctioned by this elitist pervert who has declared war on freedom and God.


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