History In (on) The Rocks

A recent find by scientists from the Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada, of a “Hadrosaur” fossil has the ‘Old Earth’ anti-theists all swelled up with pride.  To those of us hardened to the minor ‘successes’ rampant in the evolutionary science crowd, it’s just one of those things.  Forgive me for not doing back-flips… this, too, shall prove to be quite uneventful if history has any bearing on matters.

Thinking back over all the years, I’ve seen many things that have promised to blow up the skirts of the infidel hordes.  The ones that were proven to be outright hoaxes fairly numbered those that were simply insignificant in comparison with the hoopla attached to them.  In short, many were simply tailored to answer the creationist’s claims that they didn’t have a clue as to what they believed or taught.  Whether or not they were proven through other means than the usual speculation, (not the same as faith by creationist parlance, this, after all is ‘science’) we were still required to credit them as legitimate ‘facts’ as opposed to the religious clap-trap they supposedly denounced.

Looking over the video, I see nothing unique.  Quite ordinary, actually.  We have a huge rock with what appears to be a fossilized organism inside of it.  Of course, to the casual viewer, especially from a distance, there is nothing here that I’d be inclined to write home about.  I can’t prove it’s even real… could have been painted on for all I know!

The infidels are already anticipating a volley of criticism from creationists… but, why?  Why should we disturb the minor accomplishment of these diehard unbelievers?  I am inclined to give them their little triumph, though it proves nothing.  Nevertheless, they seem enamored with the whole thing.  I would say that they flatter themselves thinking that a Christian would waste any time commenting, though I’m sure some will.  I won’t.  The time for convincing the anti-theist is past, they aren’t buying anything from me or anyone else, not now or ever.  The very definition of one of these denotes the finality of their decision to be unconvinced of anything that they find obtrusive to their world view.

In short, while I find their musings and comments interesting, I have no other vested interest in going beyond that point.  They have sealed their fate, as it were.  No one will (or should) compel them to change their minds at this point.  Satan has been very thorough in his deceptions so that even the “elite” should not believe the truth over a lie.  Pride comes before a fall.

The fact that these relics that they periodically dig up are merely evidence of a world-wide deluge where millions of animals and humans died as a result of divine retribution, does not impress a mind fully given over to the deceptions of a superior extraterrestrial being.  Somehow the tables have been turned so that it’s now cool to believe that we have spawned from the most inglorious beginnings, showing nothing of the divine imprint that God designed to shine forth from us.  It’s preferable, now, to believe that we are children of ass-scratching apes rather than princes and princesses of Heaven.  To the hardened infidel, that is the greatest thing that we may aspire to.

How defeatist… and sad.

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