Bin Laden Isn’t Dead

Link to YouTube video.

Not that this writer was ever fooled by the hoax.  Just like with 9/11, the Zionist-controlled CIA operative helped to perpetrate upon the American people, this is just another fabrication of the industrial and financial elite to justify their continued incursions into sovereign lands for the purpose of bringing them under their control.

No person not under the influence of some narcotic could ever see this façade as anything other than the bullshit contrivance that it is.  The whole purpose being to placate an increasingly suspicious public as to avoid actually having to produce any believable evidence that the CIA/Zionist operative was in fact taken out by SEALS, themselves later taken out to eliminate any ‘loose ends’ that would incriminate the corrupt Obama administration.

Ever since that day in 2001, when the Zionist forces blew up the World Trade Center and murdered 3000 American citizens, I’ve been preaching the false flag scenario and am pleased to see that most now believe there is more to this whole stinking mess than what the government is laying out.  Darling Israel ceases to be the international martyr that it is portrayed to be by a duped international community, in view of the fact that Mossad operatives were caught dancing with glee while the towers were being demolished.  The arrogance and haughtiness of the Zionists knows no equal, playing upon their status as “God’s chosen ones” among the peoples of the world.

Our stupid Canadian government is also caught up in the charade, this poor excuse for a PM, Stephen Harper, one of their most ardent supporters/dupes, following the lead of the homosexual Obama and his retinue of perverts and opportunistic traitors.

Last day events are playing out in full force, with the softening up of the world’s nations toward accepting totalitarian rule by the Illuminati Jews.  It will take a full consensus by the nations of the earth to enable the oligarchs to enact their Draconian measures against any and all opposition to their specious plans.  Anyone not accepting their rule will find themselves on the edge of a world-wide death decree.  That won’t swing now… but soon!

More and more are people becoming complacent with the cares of this life, too busy trying to survive in a world gone insane with political correctness and minorities-worship.  Too busy chasing materialism to realize that the rug is being pulled out from under their feet.

Bin Laden is likely still very much alive, his purpose being fulfilled in helping provide a convenient scapegoat, as have many others throughout history, so that the power-elite can feel free to invade other countries and mow down their defenses.  Maybe he’ll be called upon (in some other disguise, perhaps) to help execute some false flag somewhere else in the world, helping the Zionists gain more ground in their incessant and insane plan to realize a satanic world government.

We live for the day when these dupes and their leader face the judgment of God!


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